Top Tips for Starting Your Own Gardening Business

In the current economic climate it can be difficult simply to make a living. Unemployment is at an all time high and job security is all but non-existent. Trying to find a job and then keep it is a stressful and tiring process which can be almost constant. However, there is another option. By starting up a business individuals can create their own job security and take greater control of their future.

For keen gardeners starting up a gardening business would seem to be the logical choice to become established. However, creating a business from the ground up is no easy task. The following points should assist the avid gardener in creating a successful gardening business.

First and foremost, it is important to gain real work experience within a gardening environment. While hands-on gardening experience is important, the individual should have experience in applying this within a business context. By working for a gardening company for a period of time, the individual will gain insight into how the business operates. This valuable experience can then be put into practice when the new business is established. By embarking on this endeavor the individual will have to become both an avid gardener and a keen businessperson. It is therefore essential that the individual has experience of both worlds.

Secondly, in the early stages of the company becoming established it would be advisable to offer free services to friends and family. By doing so, the gardener can experiment with applying their gardening skills within a business environment without the pressures of an actual customer. The gardener can then request feedback from the friends and family and lessons can be learned from this feedback. Moreover, if the work is completed to a high standard the gardener may even benefit from favorable introductions via word of mouth.

Finally, the key to any successful business is a good customer service. If a customer is highly satisfied with the work of the gardener there is a good chance that they will be used again. However, if the work is not completed to a good standard the chances are that the customer will turn elsewhere for gardening services in the future. Good customer service does not simply mean completing the assigned task well. Good customer service can often involve going beyond the assigned task in order to ensure customer satisfaction. An additional task such as clearing up excess topsoil or sweeping the driveway may take an extra five minutes to complete but may impress the customer and ensure future custom.

Establishing a gardening business may be a suitable means to guarantee income in the future and remove oneself from the endless cycle of job insecurity. However, establishing such a business is not an easy process, even for an experienced gardener. To be successful the individual must be both a competent gardener and savvy businessperson. It is important to have practical experience in both aspects of a gardening business and to offer excellent customer service.

This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Garden Topsoil Direct, suppliers of high quality topsoil and other essentials for the garden. Amy is always keen to hear about creative ways to make money and loves sharing the knowledge she accrues.

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