How to Increase Social Media Traffic - 5 Plugins to Use

When I first started out using WordPress, I was not as confident as I am today. This is because back then, WordPress was relatively unknown and people were skeptical just as I was. Thesis theme reviews at the time, were not as varied as they are today, and the number of people who were trying out this new platform were few and far between.

Although, it was a bit hard to make sense of it back then, I stuck it out, as Ralph Marston puts it ‘Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.’ So, I tested it and created a few sites, and then I created a few more, and if today you asked me what I thought of WordPress, I would tell you that it is the best thing that ever happened to me. Well, apart from marrying my wife and having my kids.

Nonetheless, if you are trying out WordPress today, you need to know that success does not come easy. It takes time, and the more you keep at it, the fewer mistakes you make, as Franklin P Jones puts it, ‘Experience enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.’

However, if you want to increase the traffic to your WordPress site, one of the best ways that you can be able to do this is by using social media. In fact, today WordPress has a number of social media Plugins that can help you increase traffic to your site easily and quickly. These include:

Socialize- A great plugin that can help you bookmark social sites to your website. The bookmarks can either be placed inside the post content, or in a box below the content. The great thing about socialize is that a person does not have to add Meta tags in a site, like other Plugins normally require. Additionally, since the plugin lets you choose the sites to bookmark you can ensure that visitors only see posts that have been successful and those that have attracted a lot of attention.

Facebook Like Box- This is a plugin that lets you gain likes from your site. Getting Facebook likes from your site will help you build your audience on Facebook; this will, in turn, drive traffic to your site. Once someone has liked your page on Facebook, you can alert people when you have a new post, helping guide them back to your site for future visits.

Social Media Tabs- This is another social media plugin from WordPress that can help you increase traffic to your site. This plugin works by creating a widget that has the ability to add sliding tabs. These tabs can then be placed in a separate area, or incorporated in to the main site. The great thing about social media tabs is that it helps you to organize all social media feeds into one widget. Furthermore, you are able to add many widgets on a page and organize them easily.

Because I have used them, found them to be great, and they do meet all my needs easily; these are my top 2 selections for 2012:

AddtoAny- This is a great plugin that I have personally used and found to be totally complete. This plugin helps people to share, email, and even bookmarks posts and pages of content in your site using various services such as Facebook, Google, twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon as well as many other social bookmarking sites. The reason I like this app so much is that if I visited a site that I liked, this is how I would want to bookmark it. The app also keeps a history so that you are able to go back and look at what each visitor did on your site.

Simple Share- Is my other top pick for 2012 and for good reason. This is an plugin that lets users in your site to share and also bookmark posts. The great thing about this app is that unlike other apps that are found at the bottom, this one usually floats as a reader moves along, therefore a post can be bookmarked or shared at any time.

If you use these Plugins, I can assure that you will be smiling once you look at the stats because the number of visitors coming in via social media traffic will simply be amazing. It is great to be able to look at DIY Thesis theme reviews now, as the number of people who are trying out this new platform are able to give valuable information.

Boat enthusiast Mike Kelley spends a lot of time on the water, but the time that he spends working on his WordPress sites is even more. Today, Mike is trying out Genesis WordPress themes to learn more about them to see if they are worth his time, or that of other people. From time to time, he looks for new social media Plugins that can help drive more traffic to his sites.

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  1. craniumgain says:

    I’ve come to like DiggDigg quite a bit. I used to use Shareaholic pretty religiously, but am slowly moving to DiggDigg

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