16 Great Android Apps for Internet Marketers

With the constant improvements in smartphone technology, it is now easier than ever to work any type of job outside of your office. The Android operating system is becoming more and more popular every year and the amount of quality applications available for Android devices is steadily growing as well.

Here are some of the best Android apps for online marketing professionals who need to keep up with their campaigns even when they are away from their personal computers. These Android apps allow you to take your work on the road and become more mobile than ever.


If you are an internet marketing analyst, then you are no doubt using Google Reader on a regular basis. This is one of the best Android apps for Google Reader. It is very easy to navigate and makes it easy to find all of the articles that you are interested in and sift through the stuff that does not interest you.


The Gmail client for Android is a must-have for anyone who wants to do business on their Android smartphone. The layout and design of the app is excellent. With this app, there really is nothing you can do on a regular desktop computer with Gmail that you won’t be able to do on your smartphone.


This is the ultimate note-taking application that everyone who works on the road needs to have. Not only can you jot down dotes with this app, you can also take pictures, recording video and even record audio to remind yourself of things you need to do and put ideas down so that they do not escape from you later.

Adsense Dashboard

If you are someone who needs constant access to your Google Adsense account, this is the best app for you. It gives you real-time stats all of the time to see how much money you are making from Adsense and the dashboard view is very easy on the eyes.

WeRank SEO

Every webmaster and Internet marketer that needs constant access to competitive website analysis should check out this app. It provides fast results from all of the leading sources of SEO stats and lets you know how your page is doing with the tap of finger.


Every serious site owner and promoter needs a goof FTP. If you have a good FTP already, then you need a great FTP client for managing it on the go. AndFTP is just that. It is very simple and functional and lets you simply download and upload any files you need to and from your server.


If you are looking for the best Google Analytics client for Android, then of course you should be going to the source. Google provides the perfect platform for checking all of your stats quickly and effectively. The interface is very intuitive and there is very little clutter to deal with.


HootSuite allows you to manage what you post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare from just one app. It really simplifies the process, especially if you have multiple accounts on each social network, which a lot of internet marketers do.

Ad-ology Marketing Forecast

This marketing-news app really provides you with a constant stream of information that marketers will surely benefit from and be interested in. It is very easy to navigate and conveniently separated by categories like small business, brand marketing, advertising and others.

SEO Automatic

If you need your basic SEO metrics on the fly and on demand, this app is perfect for you. It is not as detailed as other SEO apps, but it is very reliable and succinct with the SEO information that it provides.


This is a fantastic application for getting instant analysis of your Google Adsense performance. You can manage multiple accounts at once and determine whether you want to be updated on your Adsense revenue progress on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.


Springpad is one of those all-in-one applications that will save you a lot of time and money on other apps once you master all of its functions. It is the ultimate productivity app for Android. Not only can you save notes, give yourself reminders and organize your business and personal life with this app, you can also share these notes and reminders with colleagues and others with just one tap.


This is a fantastic tool for people who are always on the go. This app allows you to think up a series of tweets and then put them in a buffer for later. And then when you are on the road and do not have time to work on what you are going to tweet, you already have a buffer full of excellent tweets for promoting your site or product on Twitter while you are away from the office.


Another great app for staying connected with your Google Analytics account. This is a must for people who constantly need to keep tabs on how much new traffic their websites are getting.


If you use LinkedIn a lot, then you will need this app on your phone. It makes replying to messages, updating status and sharing those statuses on Twitter as well very easy.

SEO SiteRank Lite

Another one for all of the SEO addicts out there, this Android app lets you check the keyword position for your websites on Google and grab Google PageRank and Alexa rankings from other sites easily.

Using these Android apps, you should be able to take your online marketing show on the road no matter how complex your approach is and how many sites you need to promote and tend to.

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