3 Ways to Grow Your Business Through Facebook

Facebook can be a powerful tool for growing your business. With over 500 million active users, and 50% of them logging in every single day, Facebook gives you a chance to get your business in front of a lot of your ideal customers!

And guess what? It’s completely FREE. You don’t pay anything to set up a business Page on Facebook. It’s free to get fans on your business Page and to talk to those fans.

Here are three ways to use Facebook’s free platform to grow your business.

1. Build Your Audience

Facebook gives you an opportunity to build your audience and attract fans who are interested in you and what you have to say. And with the sharing aspect of Facebook, it’s super easy for your fans to share your content with their friends, and it starts to grow exponentially.

A bigger audience gets you in front of more people that you can potentially help. These are people who will likely need what you have to offer, or who know someone else who does. They may need it right now, or a few weeks from now. Either way, you want them to be there in your audience, listening to you, so that when you make an offer that’s right for them they’ll know it.

To build your audience on Facebook, one of the most important keys is to share value. If you are consistently sharing great tips, resources, articles, videos and other useful and interesting information, then your fans will be eager to share it with others. And new fans will be eager to click the “Like” button and join your Page.

2. Build Your Reputation as an Expert

Facebook gives you a great opportunity to build your reputation as an expert in your field. As you build your audience, more and more people will learn about you and start to benefit from the useful tips you provide. And as your audience grows bigger and bigger, so does your reputation and expert status.

Focus on what you know best, what you’re really good at. What are those areas where you provide the best results for your clients? What do your clients say you are really good at? These are where you want to focus when planning what to share on your Page. Really focus in on your own brilliant expertise and this will dramatically boost your reputation as an expert in that specific field.

Remember, it’s easier to be an expert in one specific area than it is to be an expert in a whole range of things. So decide what exactly you want to be known as an expert on, then don’t stop talking about it. Share tips, make videos, write articles, do some guest blogging or interviews - and share it all through your Facebook Page to build your reputation with your fans.

3. Sell Your Products and Services

You can actually sell from right within your Facebook Page. Do a search for “vendor app” in Facebook and you’ll see some different options for setting up an ecommerce section on your Facebook Page.

You can also share links to your products and services on your website or other places online.

The key with actually selling through your Facebook Page is to make sure that your pitches and promotions are far less than the free content you are sharing. Your fans don’t want to be constantly sold to, so if that’s ALL you’re doing, they will quickly get tired of it and either “Unlike” you or just hide your updates so they never hear from you.

Either way, you’ve just lost one potential customer.

Take a look at what other tips and resources you can share to balance out the promotions, and always be aware of what value you’re adding and whether it is truly useful and interesting to your fans.

These three steps are just the beginning. There is much more you can add to your Facebook marketing strategy, but if you start with just these three steps, you’ll quickly see your Facebook presence start to grow and flourish.

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