Top 5 Myths About the Google Penguin Update

Google recently has rolled out its Penguin Update. Expected to turn out well, this update did just the opposite; it has scrutinized a lot of companies’ search engine results page rankings. In this article, we will be busting the top five myths and misconceptions created by “SEO experts” who are claiming that they know what they’re doing.

1.Too many links from one particular domain pointing to your site might kill your SEO.

Even if they are links from spam sites or no matter how bad their sites look like, they won’t be harming your SEO in any way. The links are just embedded onto their sites or listed as part of their blog rolls. In contrast, these links might help you—more so if they come from a page with good editorials and valuable content.

What you need to take caution of are those sites bashing your profile. In this case, you need to immediately have the webmaster put their sites down and have them delete the links in their sites. If they continue doing this without you knowing, you might have a negative impression from those readers when you have done nothing wrong.

2. Other sites are taking advantage and using your content to post as their own.

This is called “scraping.” One of the most common ways is to get your RSS feeds and repost your feeds to their own blogs or websites. If you’re worrying that Google might check on you or that your site rankings would be lower because your content is doubled and therefore has a “twin” competitor, pause on that anxiety over there. Instead, be proud of it

As the original author of a content that has been republished, consider that there are many courteous aggregators, bloggers and authors in the web who will acknowledge where they copied the post from. Albeit spammers with filthy blogs alike might do the same, you can stay feeling grateful as this means that you have just written one that is worthy of being shared to more readers.

3.You will get penalized for not having much time interacting with your viewers who commented on your posts.

If you’re the type who really does not have the time to reply back as much as you have to, don’t worry as your low engagement rate will not cause you to be punished. What happens in the back end is that Google Webspam Team and Search Quality Team do not retrieve data directly from Google Analytics. Google must think in a way that you have less visiting time because you have answered the comments quite fast (bounce rate tends to be high).

4. Will I get penalized for reciprocal links or does my link lose its value after being exchanged with another’s?

People before used to create many pages of links. They’d have the links of their friends posted in their page and their friends in turn would do the same. In time, this became somehow a “spam” tactic, so bad that search engines could identify and mark that these are merely exchanges of unsolicited and indiscriminate bulk message. If you’re just sharing something that’s sharing you, that’s okay as the link back won’t count anyway.

5. Producing great content and earning links from my site might devalue me and my SEO.

In social media, having link baits, contents, infographics, videos and others not belonging to my product pages will not harm your SEO but earn your brand awareness and attention to readers. In fact, if you have ways on how to get your audience hooked onto your site while actually selling something or earning from your site, then you’re doing a good job!

There are those SEO experts who floor the forums with nonsense comments. However they do not really understand the basic concepts of it, and are losing out on the business a SEO can generate. Part knowledge is dangerous and a cause of many myths and misconceptions. Still, the best way is the going back to the basics of SEO, the natural way!

Author bio:

Alexis Thompson is an alumna from Martin College Australia, a former Mountain Backpacker and a 26 year old mother of 2 daughters, Sophie and Rhian. She is into almost all types of Music especially The Fray and Hillsong. She also has a passion in Singing and Scrap Booking. Follow her escapades on her Twitter.

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