Taking Your Site Mobile – Considerations

In the past few years, the world has changed completely in how users are able to interact and access websites online. With mobile devices becoming the new preference over desktop computers, many businesses have gone forth with major plans to optimize their sizes for smartphones. For those who think that mobile optimization is simply a waste of time, one recent study found out that 61% of customers who visit a mobile unfriendly site are more likely to go to a competitor’s website.

Here are some major reasons why you should be taking your site mobile.

New Design Scheme

One of the best reasons to make your site mobile-friendly is because your company has the chance to try out some new design ideas and it gives your site a very fresh feel to it. Most mobile website themes are very sleek which allow for easy user navigation which will keep the user on the site for a long time, which may turn them into a buyer.

Mobile site designs also load extremely fast. For anyone that gathers user data for their site, they should be able to see that you will obtain better conversions by having a site that loads extremely fast.

Dominant Marketing Presence

It has been seen that because of an increase in smartphones, the more popular certain sites are becoming that are mobile-optimized. Also, marketing strictly to mobile users can be tough, but by having a properly optimized site, you can reach a wider demographic. Instead of simply advertising to desktop computers only, you can now change up your ad campaigns and strictly target mobile devices for increased sign ups, purchases, and conversions.

SEO Opportunities

By making your site design mobile-friendly, just think about all of the additional keywords you can try and rank for with SEO. Millions of people each day search for mobile versions of websites on Google. Imagine if you have a direct competitor that is getting thousands of searches a day for a mobile site of theirs but when it is viewed on a smartphone, it isn’t properly optimized at all. This is where your site comes in. You could easily barge in and rank for those competitors mobile terms and soon you’ll see increased traffic and purchases.

Now that you have seen why your site should go mobile, let’s take a look at how exactly to go about doing that.

The Second Mobile Site

For many companies, instead of optimizing their main site completely for mobile, they will build out a second site for all mobile traffic. This may look something like: m.mysite.com or mysite.com/mobile. This way, they can do some extra SEO work on their second site, which may increase their traffic significantly. By having a second site, this can also give the visitor the option of visiting the full site or visiting the mobile version. Many companies give users the choice because there still are some smartphone users out there who prefer to navigate the full web page.

How to go about turning a Site Mobile

The best part about the current state of the Internet is that there are tons of options in terms of how you can turn your site into a mobile powerhouse. For instance, if you currently have a web developer, there are some easy tutorials on the web using Adobe Illustrator and Dreamweaver to create simple HTML CSS-based sites. Using a developer would also be a great idea if you have a large site with tons of pages that need to be converted into a mobile format. Doing so is no easy task.

If you don’t have a developer or your site simply isn’t that complex, services like Mobify are available to help. With Mobify, you can simple use their tool, go through your site and pick out existing elements that you want mobile visitors to see, and Mobify will analyze the sections and reformat them accordingly.

Start Right Now

There is no better time to turn your site mobile than right now. Just by taking one look at the statistics, you can see that you are losing out on valuable traffic. For instance, one recent survey by Compuware stated that 40% of people have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience. With a fresh design, you can now turn your marketing efforts towards mobile users and possibly gain a ton of additional traffic. What are you waiting for? Get out there and turn your site into a mobile beast today!

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