I’ve been a long time (and I do mean long time) publisher on the MaxBounty network.  Back from the days when their publisher UI was very bad.  Now their UI is much nicer. More important though is the fact that they are a well respected network among affiliates.  The big two things I like to see in an affiliate network are both present… offers and payments. You will find a nice selection of offers available on their network. You will also find that their payment record is very good as well.

Some things to know if you are thinking about signing up.

  1. It is possible to signup, be approved, and be showing offers in the same day. Make sure you are proactive though. You need to sign up. Then make sure you confirm your email quickly. After the email confirmation, make sure you call the affiliate manager listed on the confirmation page. Make sure that you are doing this during their normal business hours, without waiting for the AM to contact you first.
  2. MaxBounty has no issue with international publishers. Except, they do not accept publishers from India or China. This has nothing to do with your site, and everything to do with high incidence of fraud on sites from these two countries.
  3. While having a website is almost always a better way to get approved, if you have a plan to succeed and can convey this to the affiliate manager assigned to your application, you can possibly get tour application approved.

To sum it up… just like every affiliate relationship, your taking the initiative to communicate will help you be more successful.

Learn more about MaxBounty

Twitter: @maxbounty
Facebook: (private group for affiliates)

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