How Reputation Services Work

Reputation matters for both individuals as well as businesses. While it may be easy to see how a company’s reputation can directly affect its real world performance, many people don’t understand why their own personal reputation matters; even less how it can be improved if it’s not up to par. This is where reputation management companies can step in. Not only to highlight the problem – if it exists – but also to develop ways to improve your online professional and/or personal image.

Is There a Problem?

The first step any reputation management leader will take is to sit down and determine if their client actually does have an online reputation problem. Sometimes you may think a problem exists but in reality, it isn’t as bad as was first thought. Conversely, the opposite can be true as well. This is why it makes sense to consult with a professional company in order to get a clear idea of the reality. Seeing the way in which you are viewed by the rest of the world – from potential employers to romantic interests – will help you and your consultant to discuss how you’d like to be seen and how to make that happen.

Targeting the Problem

A high quality reputation management firm will be able to target the websites and networks which have done the most damage, and will be able to offer some solutions on steps you can take almost immediately. This can range from simply hiding and deleting certain things to asking friends to un-tag you in posts or photos. At the same time, the firm can also begin to build your name and reputation up through alternative websites and sharing networks.

Development and Support
Working to fix a reputation is one thing but it’s also important to understand ways in which you can continue to protect and maintain your reputation once the work has begun. Sometimes people choose to maintain several online personas, believing this works in keeping their public and private lives separate.
But this can carry with it certain risks. It can be easy to think you’re posting on one account but really it’s the one you make public to employers, colleagues and other professional links. Discuss your needs as well as how you normally interact with people online with a reputation management leader.

As the internet has evolved so has the need to ensure that your online reputation is an accurate representation of yourself. It’s easy to forget how public the internet truly is. There really is no such thing as Online Anonymity. Internet searches through major websites, social media networks and photo or file sharing websites has become routine procedure for employers during the interview process. It’s also common for people to search one another before beginning a platonic or romantic relationship.

Doing your best to make sure people get the best first impression of you now must include both your real life daily interactions as well as what you do online. Only you can begin to control what is said and posted; if you do not do it, no-one else will. To help you along, companies are able to initially assess your reputation and show you how you’re being seen to the rest of the world

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