How to Make and Monetize My Blog - A Beginner Guide

Are you looking for ways to earn money with the use of your blog? Or are you truly new at this and still don’t know what to do? Either way, we can give you some tips on how to monetize your blog or even how to make a blog and to earn more money with it easily.

Here are the few things that you can start on…

  1. If you still don’t have your own blog, you can start creating one with the help of a few websites. Most people create their blog in Tumblr or in
  1. Once you have your own blog already, a good place for beginners to start is at Squidoo. This is best for people who still don’t have their own website as well. Squidoo will help you earn money by letting you build pages on any topic that you like and you will get a percentage for it. And what’s good about it is that you won’t have to shelf out any money at all. There are also books about Squidoo to help you out even more and examples make it even easier.
  1. You can also put up affiliate links in your blog to earn more money and not only that, you can put up affiliate ads in Squidoo too. You will earn money whenever someone clicks on the links so the more traffic or visitors you have on your blog, the better and the more money you will earn.
  1. If you are into E books and video guides, you can share some sites or links to other people while earning money at the same time. Google AdSense is well known for this job and the same thing goes. AdSense will put ads on your website that are related to the content of your web pages. The money you’ll from this may be that big but it will still build up in the long run and you will still be earning money.
  1. If you are looking for other alternatives for Google AdSense, then Fair Ads Network is the best for you. This will help in ensuring you that you get enough benefits as much as possible unlike the unfair practices wherein the publisher gets everything and leaves you with nothing. With FAN you can register as a publisher or an advertiser and earn an income or you can register as both if you want to! You can also transfer funds easily and you will have total control of everything. Also don’t forget to update your blog regularly to earn more visitors.

Make use of the money that you’re earning to pay for your bills on time to keep your credit score in good shape. Check your credit score regularly to be updated will all of the information in it. Follow these tips and start earning money with your blog.

Joy Mali is an active blogger who shares extremely interesting finance management tips over the web that encourages people to manage their personal finances, check credit score regularly and review how credit score changes in different scenarios through a score planner before taking any important financial decision.

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  1. Marko Saric says:

    Remember also WordPress, especially the self-hosted .org version of the software. It allows you full control when starting a blog, and when monetizing as well. Some of the other hosted blog platforms put ads on your blog and don’t allow you to put affiliate and other ads yourself.

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