Tips When Recruiting by Leading with the Home Office Deduction

There are a lot of reasons why people would choose to join a home business. Some of the bigger reasons are the potential to make extra money, the ability to set their own schedules and the chance to meet new people. But you have other tools available to you that can be effective at helping you to convince people that being a consultant is the job for them.

Tax deductions are always popular and there is more than one home office deduction you can offer people who you think may be interested in becoming a consultant. Before you start using tax deductions as incentives, there are a few pieces of advice you should follow.

Recruiting with the home office deduction gives your potential recruit 2 steams of income for one effort. Create sales and earn money. Document that activity that created sales and save money on their taxes!

One effort = 2 Incomes!

The income generated from their business will, of course, be helpful and the business tax savings will increase your cash flow substantially!

Know What You Are Talking About

If you are getting ready to start a home office deduction discussion with the phrase “I think,” then you are headed for trouble. If you want to use tax deductions as a way to recruit new consultants, then spend a few minutes asking your tax accountant questions first.

Watch Out For State Laws

Some consultants operate over the Internet and network with each other across state lines. If you recruit agents out of state, then be sure you know the tax laws for each state you are recruiting in.

Have Specific Examples

Tax law can be a little confusing, even to the most capable person. To help the listener visualize how tax deductions for home office expenses are beneficial, develop examples of how the tax deductions would work. For example, when explaining the benefits of writing off mileage, list the places that the consultant would drive which would become deductible.

Speak In Simple Terms

Since you are not a tax accountant, it helps if you break down the concept of home office tax deductions into simple ideas. This will allow you to explain it more easily and it will also help the potential consultant to understand the concept easier as well.

Speak From Personal Experience

When you are trying to explain tax deductions to a potential consultant, you should only speak from personal experience about the benefits you have personally seen from deductions. When you speak from personal experience, you can answer questions more accurately and develop a feeling of trust between you and the listener.
When you tell potential consultants that they can benefit from home office tax deductions when they work a home party business from their homes, then you will get their attention. At that point, you need to have substantial information about those deductions to make your argument compelling.

Deb Bixler retired from the corporate world using the proven business systems that made her a success working in the corporate world by incorporated the same systems into her home business. Deb provides home business training for direct sales consultants.

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