Earning Links Rather Than Building Links

I am sure that you must have heard the term “link building” several times. But what actually it is? Link Building is nothing but a process of establishing relevant, inbound links to your website which helps your site to achieve higher ranking in the major search engines and drives targeted traffic to your website.

Google has released certain search engine algorithms to fight against spam indexing, link bombing, link farming and all other paid for and unethical SEO black-hat techniques. Some of these updates are Penguin, Panda, Google+ personalization and authorship, which indeed has created a large impact on SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page).

With the evolution of these algorithmic updates, search engines have taken one step forward in terms of how they display higher quality websites at the top. To the surprise, those who have implemented link building as their foremost strategy were heading right back to the square one. It might sound quite annoying but fear not, link building hasn’t come to an end but is replaced by something that is more sophisticated and more relevant, and that is none other than “Earning Links”.

Definitely, this new approach will filter those fraudulent counterparts who have spoiled the industry for years together. This progression is highly beneficial for ethical SEO consultants and agencies who always strive to promote genuine Search Engine Optimization practices. So it’s high time to stop building links and start earning links.

Earning links is a much better option than link building. The old methods of link building such as link exchanges and reciprocal links, email blast seeking links, buying links, article marketing or article directories, etc are now replaced by new faces of earning links such as cross referenced sites with genuine content, guest blogging, social networking sites, event sponsorship, infographics, ebooks and whitepaper and much more.

In fact, earning links have changed the role of SEO consultants in marketing strategy, from one of on-page optimization and external link building to marketing via an online channel. So we shall welcome this new era of earning links for SEO, which is perhaps going to be viral for the next few years. Let’s now discuss the various promotional activities that can earn you links.

  • Infographics: Infographics has gained much popularity these days and has been used more frequently on websites. So what is an infographic?

Infographic is a visual representation of information usually containing graphics and text including statistics about a certain subject. These infographics are done in a creative way to enable people to easily understand the message or the story being delivered. You can create an interesting infographic about your business or product or service and share it across the web. By this way, you can promote your business and most of the times it goes viral especially, when you share your infographic on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

  • E-Books and Whitepaper: Yet another effective technique for earning links is making use of freebies such as ebooks and whitepapers. But before that, do you know what ebooks and whitepapers are? An ebook is an electronic version of a publication that can be downloaded and read, while a whitepaper is an authoritative report or guide, which might be more effective to lure people to your website than an ebook.

Mostly these ebooks and whitepapers are offered for free and by this way you can increase traffic to your website and earn more links. But remember, it is your duty to do your best to distribute these freebies to as many channels as you can. The more the people use your freebies, the more links you are likely to earn.

  • Video Marketing: It has been estimated that video sites are 50 times more likely to rank on first page of Google compared to text based sites. This fact actually spells the loss for those who do not make effective use of videos on their sites. And when it comes to videos, YouTube is the right choice. You can create an interesting and informative video about your business and post it on YouTube. I am sure you could end up earning myriad links to your website.
  • Event Sponsoring: Having an event on your website is another great way to earn links to your website. Events such as contests, featured stories, blogathons and giveaways are some best options to increase traffic to your website and the sponsors will pay it. Event sponsoring is a great link baiter and so make the best use of this opportunity. You can even give bonuses for those who blogs about your contest and this will naturally generate more links for your website.
  • Guest Blogging: To top it all off, guest blogging is one best tactic to earn more links to your website. Guest blogging is nothing but the process of writing for other blogs and you will be given an author bio below your post where you can allow the readers of your guest post to know more about you. You can make use of the author bio to link to your website. This will increase more traffic and more links to your site when the content of your blog is informative, extraordinarily excellent and serves the purpose promptly.

Hope you are now clear with the fact that earning links are far better than building links. These are the five best ways to earn links to your website than depending on other sources. Do remember that the success of earning links is actually not the quantity of the links earned but the quality of the links that are fetched.

Alfred writes for Dot Com Infoway, a multinational Company offering excellent Internet Marketing solutions with the help of expert SEM Specialists

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