How to Steal Traffic From Twitter

With Google’s regular updates and algorithms’ shake-up, bloggers can’t really depend on them or on any other search engine for traffic. One day Google could be giving you thousands of views, and the next day they could drop you like a barrel of hot potatoes. Check your website. If you’re getting fewer views from Google than you did last week, chances are, you were hit by the recent (yet another) algorithm change!

This is why it’s so important to get traffic from multiple sources – preferably not search engines. Today we’ll see how you can steal traffic from Twitter without paying a penny.

Steal traffic from top twitter users’ tweets

If you’re like me, you follow a lot of top bloggers within your niche. It’s not incidental that these top bloggers have thousands of followers – at least ten times as many as you do. Have they got a link knocking around today, being retweeted by several of their followers (including you)? Before you rush to retweet their post, go to your blog and find one that fits it as closely as possible. For instance: you may have a similar post which highlights some of the same elements, but from a different perspective. You may have a post which addresses the issue from an opposite angle etc. No matter how old this post is, add it to your retweet. This is so that your pro blogger could see it and maybe retweet it, and/or it could pick up some of the hype the similar post is getting.
If you do this right, (and in a respectful way – not too often) your small post will steal traffic and pick up some wild momentum just by being associated with a similar article written by a well-known blogger. Who knows, your post may be better written anyway. All it needs is some exposure to go viral.

Steal traffic from trending topics list

The first thing you should do when you log into your twitter account is look at what’s trending in your niche. See who’s taking about it and work out the influence they have on the site. If the niche is right and the people tweeting about said topics have a lot of followers, you know you’re into something sweet. Write about this topic. Offer your own slant on the matter, or write it up from the opposite side of the coin. If people are talking about it, they will also be interested to see opposing opinions. Once you’re finished, tweet this post with the trending hashtag. Make sure you hang around to network etc. You can’t tweet and run. This will not bring you results.

Steal traffic by using your lists as leverage

Most people have got twitter lists nowadays. These are extremely helpful because they help you see what groups of people are talking about. It also gives you the general climate of a particular topic and enables you to see at a glance, what interested parties find appealing. Steal traffic from twitter by finding common trends within your lists. What are they talking about? What are they retweeting? What’s got them hot under the collar? Have you got a blog post within that particular niche? Chat within your list about the topics you’ve identified. Don’t just share out your links, but within your chats, you could include a link and say you’ve got some further thoughts (or opposing thoughts) on that particular matter.

How do you steal traffic from Twitter? Is there any other trick you’d like to share?

This is a guest article from blogger and Internet marketer, James Jorner. He writes for a company that shows people more details about internet and loans.

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