10 Ways to Get Them Coming Back to Your Blog

Here is my list of 10 Ways to Get Them Coming Back to Your Blog:

  1. Let your personality shine through your words. Perhaps you’re practically perfect in every way, or maybe you’re a cynic and have an eye for how things could be better.  Whatever outlook you have on a particular concept or issue don’t be afraid to let it gush out to your captivated audience.
  2. See the funny side. You may not think you’re good enough to wow an audience at the Comedy Theatre but a little bit of a sense of humour can go a long way in the world of blogging.  You don’t need to get your joke book out but perhaps just take a light hearted look at things once in a while.  Your readers will thank you for it and come back for more.
  3. Be different. There is little point in creating a blog that is the same as many other blogs.  People are interested in finding out new information and perspectives, not sifting through similar blogs on different sites.  I know it’s difficult to have a fresh perspective when there are so many blogs out there probably saying something very similar, but if you try and be different then you have a better chance of building your audience than if you say the same as everyone else.
  4. Blog, blog, and more blogging. Be sure to regularly submit blogs to your site.  It is no use being inconsistent and adding a load of blogs in the first week followed by a long drawn out dry spell.  People will not wait and they will go elsewhere.  I recommend a weekly addition at the very least.  Twice a week is better.
  5. Don’t forget to promote your RSS feed. Your RSS feed notifies your subscribers of new posts on your blog and is responsible for generating a significant amount of traffic back to your site.  Be sure to remind your readers of the RSS feed and invite them to subscribe at the end of each blog post.  Don’t let them forget about you!
  6. Organise a contest. Running a contest may seem like something only big corporations do, but not at all.  You indeed could encourage many people to subscribe by running a contest for a couple of weeks with a decent prize at the end of it.  An inside tip is to give the entrant the opportunity to enter on a daily basis thereby increasing the chances of a daily visit to your site.
  7. Communicate via social media. Whether you like them or not, social media is huge and very popular amongst bloggers.  Social media is a way that people can connect with you and keep up to date with your activities without perhaps agreeing to subscribe to an RSS feed or newsletter.
  8. Utilise email marketing. Email marketing works to remind your subscribers that you indeed exist and how wonderful you are.  Your email encourages them to return to your site when something in that email interests them and they want to know more. I feel a weekly email seems to be the most effective.
  9. Make a video series. Although somewhat difficult to make they sure are effective in driving people to your site and keeping them interested.
  10. Make a blog series. Create a cliff hanger at the end of each article that will entice people to read more and make each article better than the last.  If they’re good then your visitors will come back for more……..

This article was written by Robert Kirk who owns a small Website Design & Search Engine Optimisation company based in Scotland, UK.

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