Top 10 Twitter Business Tips

1.      While on Twitter, Have fun.

It is of great essence that time spent on your Twitter page by your potential customers be fun and worthwhile. This may entail introducing a game that will enlighten potential customers on your business. This will be an exciting opportunity to reach new customers. Remember; when all the fun comes to an end the customer should have a better understanding of your enterprise and have an interest in the products you have on offer.

2.      Allow Customer Interaction

Use your twitter account to achieve this. That is, feedback collection and good customer service. Time spent in responding to customer feedback explaining how you shall respond to their grievances directly impacts the attitudes of the customers towards your business, in a positive way. And the message sent around by them to others shall lead more customers to your business. Customer service makes customers feel appreciated and they will always stick around to have a feeling of the same.

3.      Seek bids

Twitter will provide a great opportunity to advertise your content to a new group of people who are have an extended network between themselves by soliciting bids through your account. Given a chance people can place bids for projects you put up, this is a great way to capture a pool of interested customers. The Retweet button offers even greater help in broadcasting the projects/products to a wider community.

4.      Let Illustrations/Art Speak for You

Images are a great way to charge the human brain and attract, and they are more enticing at a glance compared to lines of paragraph that are more often tedious to go through. It works even greater for those making art products; this raises the interest of customers and increases your followers, hence more potential buyers.

5.      Put Your Locality on the Map

Take up the challenge to lift the economic position of your local area by supporting local business and tourism in the area.  This is by using a Twitter account to advertise events that are coming up and tourist hot spots. This builds a market for the locals and also those coming from outside areas.

6.      Integration

Make a point of integrating your Twitter account with accounts from other social media platforms. One of these is Facebook, which of course is a great platform to take advantage of. You may also consider adding a Twitter link into your profile page on LinkedIn. These platforms will definitely increases your target market by far more than you expect.

7.      Announce Your Presence

Advertise your Twitter presence by tagging along your username your website, your blog pages and on any other marketing place not forgetting to have your Twitter user identification in all the emails that you send out.

8.      Follow The leaders

Whenever you find yourself lost in an environment or struggling to find your way it’s always wise to follow those who are familiar with their way around. In this case, following high profile users will give you a great boost because you will find your list of followers gradually growing. Your business will have a chance to be advertised in a pool of potential clients/buyers.

9.      Be Generous

Whatever useful information you have at your disposal is always wise to be shared with others who may need it. This way you will have increased followers due the information they are seeking in your tweets, rather than being selfish and miss out on clients who love to be informed. This way you get a chance to promote your business.

10.  Relevance

Have relevant content and be well informed about your target audience/market. The content that you put up to be read should make sense and be appealing to the immediate readers enough to convince them to want to know more about the services and products being offered. If whatever you are offering is irrelevant then save your time for something else worthwhile.

Alan is a blogger who likes to write content about social media and business and advises his company, Global Integration, how to promote their matrix management training programs.

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