Content Optimization Strategies for Dental Websites

Yes, you are a dentist. But if you rely on your dental website to bring in new patients, then you should at least to some extent learn a few things about search engine optimization and how to make your website achieve a better rank. By now, you should know how extremely important content is. The process of content optimization includes injecting a few keywords into your website articles in the aim that your website will rank for a number of search queries.

Although keywords are important, never should one resort to “keyword stuffing” which is basically coming up with a mesh of keywords which results in an incoherent write up. When writing content for your dental websites, it’s crucial that you write for people and not the search engines. Although you might be placing a keyword here and there, your content must be easy to comprehend and above all, helpful.

Page Title

Most people tend to disregard the title when they are writing articles, but for those who are searching for content the first thing they look at is the page title. Titles are important because they sum up what the entire content is all about. This is why you should work towards integrating your main keywords into your title. By using a strong keyword that is relevant to your article, you can alert your readers about what specific theme or concept your article will revolve around.

Page Subtitle

A lot of people do not mind using subtitles but visibility-wise, subtitles easily capture the reader’s attention and help organize the structure of the content. Just like with your page title, incorporate your main keywords into your subtitle but do so wisely. Keep in mind that you still want to make the subtitle helpful to your readers too and not just be a jumble of keywords.

Body Content

When you are incorporating your core keywords into your article, you should do so naturally. Do not force certain keywords into your article or else those three words will make the entire sentence or paragraph sound weird and awkward.

Glyphs also help to highlight important sections in your article. You can include your main keywords in these glyphs. Some of these tactics include using bold-type face, italics or using a bulleted list. You need to take a good look at your keywords as well. For instance, if you’re a dental clinic in New York, do not just mention “New York” alone in your write ups. Instead, modify this by including “dental services” or “dentist” which is your core business.

Your author Elliot Pearson writes as a specialist for Dentist Identity who provides Dental Marketing Solutions and Dental Office SEO Services to top Dentists all accross the USA.

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