How to Skyrocket the Visibility of your Blog through Facebook

There are hundreds and one way you could build a solid traffic for your blog and make your blog visible to your readers but the right approach to go about this is not always clear to bloggers, most especially the beginners. Though you may be familiar with so many approaches, like; answering to comment on other blogs, contributing as a blog on a forum site and the most killer approach; guest posting on other blogs of your niche, and so on. But there is one approach I didn’t make mention of, and that’s the use of social media site like the Facebook.

You may guest post, answer to comment and even be the best contributor on the most mentioned forum site but I bet you know that all these approaches have limitation, and there limitation is that, your blog only get seen when viewers stumble on the post you guest posted (for the guest posting approach), when someone found your comment interesting (which is one out every five possibilities) But with the social media approach like the use of Facebook, you can easily get viewers to check on your blog as soon as new update is made on it and as a result gain more visitors than usual. To cut the whole story short, here are some of the techniques you can use to make your blog visible through Facebook

Make a recent update of your blog known on your Facebook account

The one vital thing that you need know when dealing with readers is that your readers will love to know the latest development going on your blog, they will want to know the latest article you wrote, and the best way to make this happen is by sharing the latest article on a social site like Facebook. With a social media site like Facebook which has nearly the whole computer savvy on board, will help skyrocket the visibility of your blogs to your readers and even gain more visitors on your blog than usual.

Republish the popular and successful post again on your Facebook account

When you take a look at your blog, you notice that some article emerge in success than others , this can be seen with the number of likes these articles are able to attract, the number of shares and many other consideration that made the article visible to your readers. Articles like this are article that can help make your blog more visible to the public the more and to make this possible such article needed to be republished on your Facebook account. It may be that the article is one controversial article and with Facebook, the article could still drive another controversial discussion. And as a result get more traffic from Facebook to your blog.

Make use of catchy headlines topics

the first thing that make a post go viral is the headlines, when the headlines of a post is very simple catchy and appealing, readers take time to read them first before checking on some others post on the same blog, so get in mind that whenever you’re trying to share a post on Facebook and expecting the post to go viral make sure that they have a catchy headline, with this your blog will be visited times with without number.

Update the most interactive post and post with interlink keywords

The best way to make article go viral is by making the active interactive as much as possible, you might have a very beautiful article that you think might go viral but all to your surprise, the article gain few likes than you expected, the reason for this is not that the article is not well written but may be the article you wrote is just meant to be read and not to be commented on, in gaining readers attention and making your article more visible than it used to be in the past, you can target writing the article that requires respond and deliberation then post such article on your Facebook account. This will also help to make you blog go very visible to the public.

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