Relevance Of Mobile Marketing In 2013 And In The Coming Years

In the recent past, there has been a substantial increase in the number of smart phone users. Accordingly, marketers are finding better ways of mobile advertising for reaching out to a wider spectrum of people. In many ways, mobile marketing has been driven by the insatiable appetite of the consumers for getting everything easy and convenient. Mobiles and smart phones are becoming the catalysts for driving brand awareness and improved sales through the medium of mobiles and smart phones.

Marketers have noticed this pattern taking shape, however there is still a gap between the website owners and the avid mobile and smart phone users. This is understandable as it simply takes time to get accustomed to a whole new market altogether. However as most of the people make mobiles and smart phones as the new mediums of browsing the net, mobile adverting is going to dominate the marketing industry in the year 2012 and for the following years as well.

Here are some amazing points that justify the existence and growth of mobile marketing for the coming years:

Increase In Demand And Liquidity

The marketing personnel are focused on the total ad revenue that also comprises of the digital ad revenue. There are possibilities of a decrease in this revenue as mobile advertising is growing on a faster pace. Mainly two factors are driving the change:

• Increase in the number of buyers coming to the market and increasing the purchase volumes
• Focus on executing mobile-specific marketing campaigns that result in better ROI

Fight For Location Based Advertising

Mobile-driven and location based services are common in nearly every part of people’s lives, this also includes mobile marketing. Marketers are thereby focused on utilizing the local and hyper local campaigns for promoting events and drive-in store sales. An ever increasing number of smart phone users provide with a positive response to the deals, coupons and event based advertising.

RTB (Real Time Bidding) Creating Powerful Value For Buyers And Sellers

RTB comprises of real time auctions that enable the buyers to compete for and buy the individual impressions that are best for their campaigns. This process creates a mutual value for the buyers and he sellers as the buyers can purchase only the impressions that they want and the publishers get benefits from a higher price and an increased demand for their ad spaces.

Use Of Rich Media

Rich media has provided with the perfect platform for enhancing the mobile ad quality and consumer attention. In the past the ads themselves have held back the mobile advertising industry. There were many instances where banner ads were uninspiring, or in some cases dull. The rich media mobile advertisements comprising of video ad units, interstitials and animations are more interesting and impressive. These types of ads perfectly synchronize with the applications, games and other mobile web content. While all this holds true, in terms of the website owners, it is important to have an efficient website backed by the perfect webhosting platform so that it loads faster on a smart phone and mobile interface as well.

Mobile Private Exchange

Mobile private exchange is serving as a catalyst between the premium publishers and developers. The publishers are aware of the immense value in the mobile advertising industry; however they must also take the factor of price erosion into consideration that has been attributed to the mobile markets for a long time now. This factor has limited the financial value previously for the publishers; therefore it is important to rise over it through proper planning of the mobile advertising campaigns.

Considering the rise in the smart phone and mobile phone users, the ad agencies, website owners and brands are allocating more time and money to mobile advertising. Even in the light of all the imperfections, the scale and energy of this form of advertising is incredible. For the year 2012 and for the coming years, the building blocks are created to bring about the perfect synchronization of extraordinary opportunity and real capability for achieving better revenue and return on investment.

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