Why Are You Risking Your Company Data?

In an age where businesses worldwide are digitizing proprietary information, protecting your company data should be at the top of your information management concerns. Lost data equals lost profit.

But to incorporate home-grown information system across numerous platforms proves both costly and risky from a back office operational standpoint and therefore many corporations have chosen to rely on reputable third-party organizations to successfully and securely manage their sensitive information.  The main considerations for implementing an information management system are:

Digitizing Existing Data

Client and internal data which is physically stored at a company’s location presents a considerable security risk. Not only will the physical condition of these documents degrade over time and possibly render them illegible and legally void, should a natural event such as a fire or flood occur this information may be permanently lost.  By scanning and digitizing such documentation a company can mitigate this concern while also allowing for both centralized and controlled access by only those individuals approved for access.  This allows for maximum security, minimum external threats and remote access from across the globe at a moment’s notice.

Physical Remote Storage

Another area which should be highlighted is the need to physically store existing documentation.  Much of this storage is done off site and includes a number of factors which can help guarantee the condition and access of such data.  Third party storage at secure sites generally offer 24/7 access to this information by pre-approved individuals while professional security staff are employed to safeguard the status of the site itself.  Storage rooms are environmentally controlled; limiting the amount of humidity and other factors which may contribute to the degradation of sensitive materials such as microfilm or extremely old documentation.  These sites are further controlled by fire suppression systems and even the vehicles used for transport are climate controlled for safety and preservation purposes.

Backup and Recovery Issues

Most businesses understand that in an unpredictable world the need to have multiple, secured copies of existing data is mandatory.  Such redundancy will provide protection against internal theft or destruction and external or environmental problems which may happen such as a natural disaster. This recovery and backup is an invaluable step which businesses should adhere to and when this is combined with the previous advantages of offsite transport and storage, both clients and administrators alike can rest assured that any sensitive data is safe and secure.

Data Destruction

New law have been put in place which has given heavy emphasis on records compliance in regards to sensitive data destruction.  Companies may incur heavy fines should these policies not be properly adhered to.  Data protection services will collect hard drives, documents and any other form of stored information and destroy this material by shredding.  This process is carried out to stringent requirements which will guarantee that any stored data is impossible to recover.

Companies can either choose to deliver this physical information or opt to employ a company which will periodically visit a location and securely collect this data.  This accomplishes two main goals.  Primarily, by using such a method a company can remain assured that they are complying with existing regulations.  The second area of importance is that of back office and internal logistics.  By utilizing a third party, employee efforts in this process are minimized and can be focused on the company’s core operations; saving valuable time and money.  This service is easy to implement and requires a minimal amount of effort on the part of the company itself.

These are only four reasons why data protection is vital to your business.  Most large corporations employ such methods and rely on these platforms to not only ensure that internal data is managed in a secure and controlled manner. But also to help address the needs of clients which seek a company where protecting your company data is dealt with in the most disciplined and confidential means possible.

Nathan Morgan has been an IT professional for 14 years. His work is currently focused on Linux servers. He has encryption experience including the deployment of True Crypt and similar packages, and detailed knowledge of document scanning solutions to transform off-line archives into accessible digital data.

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