Buying a Used Bus to Offer Transportation for Churches & Organizations

Many are looking for small business ideas. If you like driving and want to do something for the community, getting a bus to offer transportation to local churches and organizations may come to mind. For the right person this business can be successful – if you fully understand the potential and the possible challenges.

Any used vehicle needs extra TLC. Before you buy, talk to your auto mechanic to get a sense of what type of maintenance and repair costs you could be looking at to take care of the used bus. Avoiding this could be a costly error for you and your new business.

To drive the bus, you’ll need a special license. You’ll need a Commercial Driving License, and this cost can vary depending on what state you live in. The license costs approximately $50 but may be a little higher where you live. You may also need what is called a “passenger endorsement” which costs an additional fee. You absolutely must have this license and may need the other “endorsement(s)” to drive the bus.

Getting the word out to local churches and organizations that you are available is one of the most important things you do. As a bus owner, you may find that your schedule gets busier at different times of the year like the summertime or that you are working more on the weekends. Understanding that you will work a flexible schedule is critical. If you want to work a flexible schedule, then owning a used bus could be the perfect choice for you.

Don’t ignore the “extras” to make your bus company and service special. To have a successful bus company, you may need to be prepared to go the extra mile. But this is the type of career to choose if you love to be with people and out on the open road. If you enjoy travel and talking with people, owning a bus could be the ideal choice. And offering extras like researching that picnic spot to stop where the church group can enjoy their lunch, will make their trip even better. Getting CPR certified and having a First Aid kid, so you are prepared for any emergency on your bus is also an excellent idea. Keeping water bottles, maps, sunscreen and even a GPS are all “extras” that will also make your trip a lot easier – and make your customers much happier!

Need the bus to start your new venture? It is easy to find buses for sale on the Internet.

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