Marketing Doesn’t Only Have to be Achieved Online

Online marketing is the route that so many businesses are choosing these days. This is the way of the world, as we live in a technological era with the Internet as our main promotional source.

Having been in the real estate industry for many years, I found that online marketing is not the only way to get your name known and remembered. Using various offline marketing efforts, I achieved tremendous success.

The use of promotional flags, leaflets and pamphlets, meant we were able to get our company brand known and remembered, increasing our client base for both buyers and sellers.

Make the Most of Offline Marketing

You may be wondering how on earth we achieved success without relying on online marketing. It was really easy. We engaged in a host of local events from marathons, dragon boat races and fun events where we had volunteers. Each of our tables had flag poles erected throwing our name up in bright colors to be seen and noticed by all the spectators and participants.

Fun for All

The biggest advantage to using offline marketing is that it was a great team building exercise, getting everyone in the office involved from the real estate agents to the administrative staff.

When we volunteered for these events whether it was to hand out water to the exhausted runners or cheer on one of our own dragon boat teams, everyone from the office got involved. Our flag poles would be erected early and the table set up, with some leaflets about properties we had on the market, of course, and the water or beverages we were offering.

As the spectators started to arrive, our promotional flags would jump out at them from the start and stare them in the face for the entire time they stayed on site.

A Step Further

While our flag poles stood high showcasing our promotional flags for all to see, we ensured that we had staff in corporate clothing wandering through the spectators handing out pamphlets about the company. We took our offline marketing very seriously and through regular participation, it paid off.

Having fun while promoting the business is essential, it shouldn’t feel like hard work. You still have the Internet, but it’s the people in your local area that are going to be looking for houses to buy or sell that you need to get across to and what better way than to participate in fun events in our area and get our name seen in bold colors.

Choosing your promotional flags should be done with care. The name needs to be clear, so that anyone looking at the flags perched on the flag poles are able to recognize the name and remember it.

Choose something clear and bright for your promotional flags; ensure they are erected on flag poles which can be seen from a distance, catching the eye of any passers-by.

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