SEO using Blogs and Micro Bloggers

Search Engine Optimization is an aggregation of techniques that help improve the visibility of a website or blog on Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Deciphering the codes on how search engines rank and index pages is a tedious process, albeit trying to understand the process is a more feasible option. Understanding the SEO and SERP process requires a lot of research and analysis from webmasters. Attracting visitors, generating business leads, and making money are some of the main objectives of implementing search engine optimization techniques. Search engines play an integral role in helping webmasters attain these objectives, so it is mandatory that your website is compliant with search engine policies.

Though there are many types of search engine optimization techniques, the intention to practice it is to get precedence on any of the three major search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google. All the top search engines have their own ranking systems and indexing methods. There are three primary ways to appear on search engine results page: keyword search based, organic search related, and paid listings. Barring paid listings, other two primary methods require a lot of optimization work from webmasters. Webmasters, who have no time to spend on implementing SEO strategies, go for paid listings with different search engines.

One of the easy ways to get listed search engine results page is by owning and managing a blog in the name of your business or website. Blogs came into existence due to the rapid development of social media technologies. Blogs are socializing platforms that enable sharing of expertise, and exchange of views and opinions. A person who manages and updates his blog is called a blogger. In blogs, you have the liberty to post and share your thoughts and intellect on almost any topic. Present day blogs are an aggregation of ideas, ‘how to’ articles, latest news, reviews, suggestions, and tips pertaining to a myriad of topics.

If you aspire to become a blogger, you just need to possess some basic knowledge about the functionality of the web and have a flare for writing quality and apprehensible articles. If you possess these skills, you have a gamut of options to own and host a blog. Blogging platforms such as WordPress, Typepad, Blogger, and Posterous help you create and host your blog for free. These blogging platforms just require you to fill in certain personal details and require a valid email id for verification. Blogs help you greatly in SEO as they provide much revered backlinks.

It doesn’t matter if you do not have a flare for writing 400 to 500 word articles, because you can microblog. Microblogging is certainly different when compared to traditional blogging, because it involves posting 100 to 200 word articles, uploading images, and sharing videos. Tumblr, Twitter, Plurk, and Digg are some of the microblogging websites on the web. You can sign up with these websites and start microblogging on any niche topic of your choice. You can post interesting images and videos related to your niche, and also insert links of your website in your microblogs. This helps you generate valuable backlinks that are required for getting listed on SERP.

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  1. Dessieree says:

    I have to agree with you about guest posting. It’s an ‘easy’ way to get free, targeted traffic to your blog without very much effort.

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  2. I think you get what you deserve. If you pay someone $2 to get an article that is not really unique, you are not going to get that posted on a site that has any authority. If you want to get good links, you need to offer something of value to the blog owner.

    Kind of like dropping a high keyword link in a comment. If you just drop it in a comment, it is likely going to be nofollowed. It takes more effort to get good links.

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