Small Businesses Benefit More From Using Tablets Than Laptops

Tablets are the new big thing. At least, that is what tech analysts from around the world are claiming. But, for this to be true, tablets need to find their way into the business world. Recently, more and more small businesses are discovering that the portability, quick boot times, and inexpensive apps that tablets provide are good reasons to invest in a system that focuses on tablets as opposed to laptops or desktops.

The Tablet Era

Tablet computing has moved beyond its infancy. As such, more and more software, services, and peripherals are being designed for tablets of all types. With peripherals such as SquareUp allowing integration of business services with tablet devices, companies are truly beginning to recognize the viability of using tablets for a multitude of tasks in their business.

Many are utilizing Skype and tablets as a method of communication instead of phones. And for good reason, the plans are often similarly priced, but data plans provide so much more for the dollar. In addition, with Skype conference calls are very easy to set up, and, for times when seeing the person is beneficial, that capability is provided. Some people don’t realize that most Bluetooth peripherals work with tablets, and delivery services, taxi companies and more are taking advantage of this.

Experts predict the tablet computing industry will continue to accelerate its already astonishing growth rates, with some even saying growth in the ballpark of 2,000-5,000% over the next 5 years. This is catching the attention of computer companies.

Let’s Shake Things Up

With the emergence of a strong tablet market, computer companies have been forced to re-evaluate their designs, goals, and marketing. The days of the “Everyman computer” are dwindling, and for good reason. One of the most misleading things about computers of the past, especially laptops, is that more is always better. It isn’t. Many of the components of a computer - things such as RAM, or hard drive space, or more advanced video cards - have limited use for most people, in most scenarios.

Companies have always known this, but never marketed towards the general population with this in mind. Business computers tended to avoid these pitfalls, but often were difficult to find in a retail setting, and more often, priced at a price-point well beyond the means of many small businesses.

However, laptop manufacturers are changing their ways. Laptops are becoming smaller, more specialized, and more suitable to the role for which they were designed. A Gaming PC is designed as exclusively that. They tend to be big, bulky, extremely powerful, and very expensive. They look like things out of science fiction, and weigh a ton. General computers are dropping in price and smaller sizes are being offered more frequently. Computer companies are realizing that, though some of the market desires a 16″ screen, just as much are calling for 13″ screens, or smaller.

Where to Next?

As more businesses look to tablets as a solution for their business needs, computer companies will continue to adapt to compete. Additionally, it isn’t hard to envision the idea of a “Business iPad” or Android devices coming preloaded with business software and peripherals. The industry is exciting and electric and has proven that it responds well to the demands of the consumer. So next time you pay for your coffee on a tablet, don’t be surprised.

Leslie is a blogger for TechBreach, a popular site that provides news, commentary, industry news and reviews on popular mobile devices and electronics.

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