Updating Your Facebook Marketing Campaign for 2013

A lot changes with Facebook and it happens to change rather quickly. For those of you using the site who were around in 2010, you know that 2011’s Facebook brought a lot of updates, and that 2012’s Facebook was virtually unrecognizable when compared to its two-year junior. How will the site look and operate in 2013?

Advertisers are worried about Facebook advertising costs, changes in policies, changes to page elements, and other factors that may influence the effectiveness of their ad campaigns. If you’re worried about updating your marketing campaign for the upcoming year, here are some tips to help you out.

Tips to Update Your Facebook Campaign

1: Emphasis on Imagery

Images have been on a steep rise for around a year. Audio and video aren’t necessarily on the decline like purely text-based posts are, but a simple (misnomer, so don’t confuse it) image can create much more of a response than any other type of page element. Stick with using unique, colorful, thought-provoking images in your posts, at least once per week, to increase your engagement and your marketing efficiency.

2: Quality Over Quantity

One or two years ago, people were doing whatever they could to chase down Facebook likes. These thumbs-ups were craved and fought over under the false impression that many likes led to many conversions. However, not only has Facebook started to remove likes that they find “suspicious,” but the fact is that a lot of likes only beget more likes and not necessarily sales. Focus on the quality of your posts and don’t sacrifice any integrity to play to populous leanings for a few upturned thumbs.

3: Revise Your Advertisements

With advanced ad-creation and management options on tools like Qwaya, and with Facebook’s updates like Custom Audiences, you can now target an extremely narrow focus based on a wide variety of factors. It’s time to stop toying around with targeting a general niche. The tools are at your disposal now to start targeting a scope that’s incredibly focused and that will ditch those useless impressions while delivering material to those more likely to convert.

4: Groups and Events

Trending up in 2012, businesses that advertised events and created groups generally did better compared to businesses failing to market this way. This trend is expected to continue in 2013, and listing different events brings more of a sense of community out of your brand.

The general theme above deals in using what’s available on Facebook right now and what’s trending at the moment. The fact is that there are no ways to safeguard against future updates. You never know when a bomb will be dropped. But by implementing sound marketing tactics that are available now, you can enter confidently into 2013 with your marketing strategy.

Stan Johnson currently works as a freelance writer for Qwaya, a Facebook ad manager tool wherein she writes about the latest social media trends and strategies.

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