Top 4 Android Applications for Business Growth

The rise in mobile technologies has been a boon for businesses. You are now capable of handling more tasks on the go and optimizing the role technology plays as part of your business growth. There are an estimated half a million Android apps available, and it can be difficult to choose which ones are best designed to handle your business growth needs. Try taking advantage of applications for the Android that allow for increased productivity and efficiency which in turn can lead to more sales and profit.

AT&T Connect

This Android application allows for instant communication between colleagues, distributors, and customers. It offers audio and video conferencing with a list of participants and displays how they are connected, and their current emoticon. When working in sales, it’s important in your relationships with customers to have a physical presence, however the ability to join a discussion while outside of the office may become essential for business sales growth as the technology and practice of doing so becomes more commonplace.

Talk to Me

This is an excellent Android application for the business professional who does a lot of travel to different countries. Expanding your business internationally could be a great way to see significant growth in sales. Since you may not be fluent in a variety of different languages, Talk to Me could be a great solution. This free Android application allows the user to say something in one language, and hear it, or a response in another. The app currently includes English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.


Google Docs is increasing in popularity among business professionals as a terrific way to share documents and information across a number of different colleagues. Gdocs in an application that allows for the creation, manipulation and uploading of Google Docs from your Android device. This allows for continued collaboration regardless of your location, whether it be updating your morning sales records during lunch or tracking inventory from the warehouse. The ability to complete tasks with speed and efficiency is key for your growth as a business.


Abukai, a fabulous Android application, is a fast, easy way to keep track of your business expenses. It helps you to ensure that all your expenses are together, saving you time on administrative tasks. It’s incredibly easy for anyone to use. When you take a picture of a receipt, the app will add it to your expense file, keeping a tally. A PDF report will be emailed to you including all the expenses as well as copies of the receipt photos. For any business, you need to know where your money is being spent and this application can provide a clear assessment so you can make the necessary adjustments. The less time spent buried in paperwork, the more time you can focus on sales and customer satisfaction which should be a primary goal for business growth.

These applications can help you become more efficient and complete business tasks no matter where you are. Mobile applications provide more ways than ever for you to optimize your business for growth. In a world of point and click sales, it’s important to stay abreast of the most useful and current technological tools available.

Melissa White, who has had a long career in sales, penned this article and many others in order to share ideas and tips based on her experiences in the field. She also draws upon knowledge learned through continuing education, such as business sales growth courses and other training programs that she’s participated in.

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