Tips To Prioritize Your Time When Working at Home

When you have a work at home business, it is amazing how fast time flies during the day. One moment you have the house to yourself and you can get all kinds of work done, and the next thing you know, the kids are home and the house is alive again. If you do not learn how to manage and prioritize your time when you work at home, then you may never get anything done.

The best single tip anyone can give you to help you prioritize your work time at home is to have a home office that is separate from the other rooms in the house. If you think you can take over a part of the dining room for your small business, then you are in for a disappointment. You need an office of your own to help you manage your time and still tend to your household as well.

Have a Door You Can Close

The first rule of thumb to consider when starting or managing a work at home business is that you cannot always count on the members of your household to honor your work hours. When you have a home office with a door you can close, then you are guaranteed that you can get the privacy you need during your office hours. You should also lay down a few gentle rules with the members of your household so that they do not disturb you when the door is closed, unless it is for emergencies.

Open Door Policy

One of the reasons you started working from home is for your family so, your family is always your top priority. That is exactly why you should also have times during the work day when it is appropriate to leave your office door open.
When the door is open, that is a signal to the others in your house that its okay to visit with you and talk. You can even set up a couple of comfortable chairs in your office to encourage people to visit you.

Prioritizing your time becomes easier when you make time for your family. If your office door is always closed, then that is a sure way to create problems that could be around for years.


When you have regular office hours and allow your office door to stay open at points during the day, then that encourages family interaction and helps to prioritize the time you spend during your work day. But there needs to be an understanding that your office is a work place and not a place where people can surf the Internet or use the phone for their own private needs.

It is much easier to keep your time properly prioritized when there are boundaries that are established and respected by the members of your household.

Working from home can be a challenge. But you can manage that challenge when you manage your time properly and keep your priorities in line. One of the best ways to manage time in a work at home office is to have a written schedule for office hours. This is something that can be modified daily (one of the benefits of working at home) but a written schedule sets the tone for all in the home that you are a serious business person not just someone playing office!

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