Tips for Enhancing Sales Using Testimonials

Testimonials can be very effective weapons in your marketing arsenal. If used properly, they can help you win the trust of prospects and consequently convert them into customers. Testimonials will help build the credibility of your business, as well as your products and services.

However, for best results, you need to ensure that your testimonials are presented in the right way. The biggest mistake you can ever make is to create a fake testimonial. If you get caught, the results will be detrimental for your business.

The following are some tips which will help you use testimonials effectively.

1. Use video

Video testimonials are usually more effective compared to written ones. When a potential customer watches a video clip, all their senses are engaged. Hearing the customer’s voice and seeing their facial expressions makes a whole lot of difference. Therefore, video offers the opportunity to market your product in a more personal way.

2. Address specific concerns

If there is a widespread apprehension or misconception people have regarding your products or services, take time to counter this with your testimonials. When prospects read the testimonials of other people who have used your products and services successfully despite these concerns, they might be more inclined to try out what you have to offer.

3. Include photos and personal details

When people see testimonials on your site, they might wonder if they can be trusted. A photo is very important for making written testimonials appear more authentic and believable. In addition, you need to ensure that the signature of the testimonial offers details such as the customer’s name, their company, website, email address and location.

4. Display them on your site

Make sure your testimonials appear prominently on the pages of your site. For best results, place them in a prominent sidebar or at the top of the page. This will ensure that visitors don’t have to scroll down to read your testimonial.

5. Feature on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the leading social media site for professional networking. When looking for service providers, most people have a keen interest in their LinkedIn profiles. Ask your former and present business associates and clients to recommend you. These recommendations will then appear on your profile for all to see. To generate traffic to your profile, you could consider including a LinkedIn icon in your email signature.

6. Display them in your store

When media organizations and individuals write great reviews about your business, make sure you display these testimonials in your store or office. You could consider putting up a billboard which features posts of all the positive reviews you have received. This is a great way of showing customers what other people are saying about you.

7. Use them in your marketing materials

Whenever you send emails to prospective customers, make sure you include a few brief testimonials. This is likely to leave them with a positive impression. In addition, having testimonials in marketing materials like brochures will make your brand appear more credible, thus encouraging prospects to try out your products and services.

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