5 Ways to Make Your Next Meeting Work

Same old, Same old — After a while, attending a business meeting can become another chore which doesn’t always necessarily mean achieved outcomes are met, new information shared or potential sales are made. Why is this? Many businesses and individuals within a company don’t use the opportunity of a meeting to make the most of their potential benefits. With this in mind, how could you make your next meeting the meeting people will not forget and will guarantee outcomes are achieved? Here we look at five ways you can achieve such results.

1. Be Different
If you’re making a presentation to staff or potential investors to the company, make yourself stand out. This doesn’t have to be an over elaborate scheme to try and draw added attention to yourself. Instead consider such key essentials as tone of voice. Be confident in what you are saying, spectators of your meeting will sense this confidence therefore be more engaged to believe and trust what you are saying.

2. Set Relevant and Achievable Targets
Consider the overall aim of this meeting. What message are you trying to get across to others? Is this achievable? What time scales should be incorporated? If you know the answer to these then you’re heading in the right direction. From here though you should use the meeting to gain views and insights of others. The most memorable meetings are the ones with the greatest participation from both the presenter and the audience.

3. Choose the Right Venue
First impressions count for a lot in Business and a good location and venue will help give you the best opportunity to get off on the right foot with potential clients, also by choosing an external venue will take off the added responsibility of organising catering and parking facilities. Meeting Rooms Brighton for instance work closely with individual organisations to ensure such needs are met, this leaving you more preparation time to ensure your presentation or meeting goes ahead without any glitches.

4. Makes things Happen
Inevitably your meeting will leave areas and tasks to be followed up. Your conducting this meeting so you should be the one chasing people to ensure these are being acted upon. If people are reminded there are tasks and jobs that need to be completed and know that someone is on their case to ensure this happens, goals and target which will naturally be met.

5. Be Passionate
From passion comes belief and positivity. In the language you use and the way you physically conduct yourself throughout the meeting should encourage positivity. The outcome you want will need teamwork to get there, if a positive mind frame is intact from the beginning, it will make the outcome much more easier to achieve.

For For Reference
By inputting these measures in place for your next meeting should guarantee a memorable meeting and goals/ targets identified so that everyone is on track and clear of what needs to be done.

Lewis Tocks works closely with Training Room Brighton to ensure the logistical aspects of a business meeting or presentation are met.

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