Top 5 Deal Sites and Online Tools To Help You Save Money

The 21st century specializes on crunches. In this highly globalised world, if there are a few things that we can never have enough of then two among them will stand out as time and money. There has never been lack of ideas to enhance hassle free bill pay options but is that really enough? I mean there is no dearth of daily necessities and to visit the stores each day manually and then queue up for bill pay and carry your regular shopping home, all this may take up a considerable amount of time.

To add to this list of trauma, there is always the problem of running around the city looking for the best possible deals on the varied good that you might need. So maybe you have great deals on eateries near your house, but for a separate cuisine of your choice, you’d have to travel half the town to reach a more affordable place.

Here are the Top 5 deal sites and online tools to help you save money:


If it is something new that you wish to own, or something a little on the used side, Craigslist has it. For the new stock, you can get your desired item almost at a throwaway price that will actually make you happy while you indulge in bill pay. And the best thing is you might be looking for a customized key chain to a new fit fabric shirt or may be a car that you’ve been longing for quite some time, you’ll find it all under the same roof, er, the same site.


Ebates is cash back support that makes bill pay an easy chore. The cash back is activated on use of their gift card that is offered to you on being a buyer via their site. Want to know another really cool thing about Ebates? Bill pay will be your 2nd step , the 1st step will include looking for offers and current deals that help you save money on items from over 900 shops in your vicinity. 

Considering bill pay for goods purchased from merchants and brand around the globe and have to pay extra for shipping? Don’t worry. Just check out the free shipping coupons here.


Here is affordability in all household goods and its most amazing feature has to be the sheer user friendliness that might get you hooked to the site.


It provides overstocked products from quality houses and big brands at really affordable prices for stock clearance.

Thus online shopping can be a real star to solve at least part of your problems. Especially getting the market experience right form home and deliveries at your doorstep can be a very helpful when you are too wrecked balancing work and home. Easy bill pay options help you to just bill pay online or even after delivery cash. If you know the right site, you have nothing to worry about being subjected to coaxed bill pay or poor quality product fraud.

Add to this, there are amazing online deals that help you to save without hopping from location to location and the horde of free coupons and discounts and at times even free distant shipping can spice up your shopping experience as well as go real easy on the bill pay front that might pinch your pocket. And this is not just on 1st hand goods. Say you are looking for a 2nd hand item, say an used book that has precious little notes scribbled at the corners of its pages, you have many sites offering good quality 2nd hand products.

The above article is written by JD from Page Once. She recommends that forgetting that a bill pay is due can lead to severe financial issues which might prove financially fatal for you and your family.

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