How to ‘Scarily’ Increase Your Sales Volume

It is almost Halloween, which means it is also the start of the holiday season, a time when sales jump significantly and having a prepared sales team is vital. So while setting out some candy and picking out a costume, here are some ways to increase your sales volume this season.

1. Consider a technology upgrade

Sales technology has surpassed the traditional computer dialer. Now, with devices like Inside Sales dialer technology, companies can better manage their leads by making sure the best leads are being followed up on as quickly as possible.

The technology works by having the salesperson input a formula for the type of customer they are looking for, and the computer automatically sorts the leads accordingly. The technology also puts new leads at the top of the queue so that the freshest leads are followed up on as quickly as possible.

The technology also allows the salesperson to create pre-recorded voice messages to leave on an answering machine, so they can immediately move on to the next sale call while the computer leaves the pre-recorded message.

2. Coordinate with Marketing

While salesmen pride themselves on their abilities to be persuasive, there are still some things salesman could learn from the marketing team to their advantage. First, they should recognize that a product was developed based on a lot of consumer research. Access to that information would speed up the segmenting process for the sales team and give insights into that consumer that the salesperson may not know just from experience.

In addition, a customer’s first exposure to a product is often through marketing efforts. It may confuse a customer if they see an ad highlighting one great aspect of the product and then have a salesperson try to convince them that the product is great for a different region. Familiarizing the sales team with the marketing campaign will go a long way in creating consistency in the eyes of the consumer.

3. Remember it is the Holidays

Holidays are exciting and a time when people are generally willing to spend more money. However, it tends to often be a stressful time. It is the salesperson’s job to simplify the customer’s life and relieve that stress. Consider offering faster shipping and gift wrap. Also be sure and focus on how the product will simplify the person’s life. If a single toy is awesome enough to replace the five a mom thought she needed to buy, she will be grateful in the end.

Christina Sanders writes for several blogs nationwide. For more information about Inside Sales dialer technology please visit here.

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