How to Generate Blog Traffic Using Reddit

Blogs inhabit a special place in the world of search engine optimization. Featuring a special niche and topic, blogs are a salient source of selective information. Though they are reliable source of knowledge and information, their presence on the web is only appreciated by the amount of traffic it receives from the Internet community. The traffic a blog receives depends on a number of factors like quality & uniqueness of the content, SEO and social media influence. Of all the factors, the influence of social media plays a vital role in publicizing a blog to the online community. The prominence of social media and its influence in advertising and marketing has become quintessential.

Social networking, social bookmarking and micro-blogging are some of the famous social media platforms. There are plentiful websites in each of these domains that serve their purpose substantially. One such popular social news website is Reddit that lets registered users submit content. Launched in 2005, Reddit is a multilingual social news website that serves wide spectrum of online communities. The website accumulates the content submitted by registered users and displays them using a bulletin board system. Registered users can rank the submitted content by voting ‘up’ or ‘down’ for the content. Depending on the number of votes, the content will be displayed in the front page of the Reddit website.

The contents are organized under categories called subreddits with certain of them being set as default. It is estimated that there are more than 67,000 subreddits as of May 2012. Some of the popular subreddits are ask me anything (AMA), today I learned (TIL) and I am a (IAma). Now to the all important topic of driving traffic with Reddit. Search engine optimization is one of the primary ways to get ranked and drive traffic to your blog. For all those zealous bloggers who would like to monetize their blog, it is important to find out new ways to appeal to new audiences. Reddit helps bloggers appeal to new audiences and also get the all-important online traffic.

Being the part of the Reddit community will help you harness the power of social media and sharing websites to promote your blog. The one action that is prohibited in the Reddit community is spamming and users engaging in such activities are severely dealt with. While promoting your blog, it is also important to note that submit only your own content to Reddit is considered as gaming the system, so spend some time posting other interesting content with the necessary credits. I have elaborated below things to keep in mind before submitting content to Reddit.

  • Submit content that will attract your target audience, while also keeping in mind the aspects of a regular Redditor.
  • Present your content with interesting titles and images.
  • Submit your content under the suitable subreddit.
  • Finally, actively engage with the Reddit community.

Success on this social news website depends on your niche and the presentation of your content. And eventually when you succeed on Reddit, you are certain to see increased page views and unique visitors.

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