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There are many online stores that deal with the selling of used laptops from individuals who would like to dispose off their laptops and manufacturers selling used but refurbished laptops. It is often a better idea to buy a refurbished laptop as opposed to buying a used laptop. This is because, a refurbished laptop has been repaired and maintained while a used laptop not only has all older parts but also it has not been touched up even a little.

It is important to note that there are two types of refurbished laptops:Manufacturer refurbished laptops: these have been serviced enough to be up to standard with the quality standards of the manufacturer.User refurbished laptops: are the ones which an individual with laptop maintenance skills has serviced them and there can’t be a guarantee on the quality.

Manufacturer refurbished laptops are the better choice in most cases; for instance manufacturers like DELL give a limited warranty and even a return policy on the sell of their used laptops. When you intend to buy from an online dealer, it is wise you buy from a reputable online store. This is because from their history they will have been known to sell quality products in addition to providing feedback ratings that are high, hence reliable.

In the event you want to buy offline, you should generally purchase the used laptop from a dealer with extensive knowledge on computers. This is because they will most times be in a better position to provide laptops of high quality as they can identify defects on the laptops easily hence not put it up for sale in the first place. The advantage of this is that you can inspect the laptop thoroughly for damages or any short comings before actual purchase.

The following are some of the online stores where you could buy used laptops.

Ebay: this is one of the most popular online store that sells millions of commodities daily from all over the world. By making a search of used laptop within the Ebay website, you will be able to see various sellers posting their used laptops on that site for sale. You should take caution by looking at the details of the seller to determine if they are legitimate and an efficient seller. this website established in 1988 provides quality laptops from renowned manufacturers such as DELL, Toshiba, IBM among others. They have made the purchasing process easy by allowing you to select in terms of brand, price or by processor. They sell used laptops at relatively lower price and give discounts to students, corporate bodies, military accounts and educational institutions.

Craigslist: many used laptops for sell are posted on Craigslist, which is a site resembling Ebay but is less developed. There is no bidding on this site, but the seller and buyer are in direct contact. Whereby the seller give their price or give the Best Offer commonly referred to as OBO.

There are many places to find a used or refurbished laptop. And while I have mentioned a few places above, you should not take that as my endorsement of only these places. These might be the better places in the US, but in the UK, you might want to check out for some of the cheapest laptops.

As with buying anything used, you should put the time in to review the details of the purchase thoroughly before making the deal complete.

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