11 Reasons Why Your Blog In Not Growing And What You Can Do

Wonder why your blog doesn’t seem to be growing even though you’re plugging in the hours? Wonder why some blogs seem to make it but some don’t? Want to know the reasons for this and what you can do to beat those reasons and help your blog grow?

1. Cut the ‘I Know Everything’ Attitude
You must definitely aim to be a subject matter expert, but that only happens over time. You have to first gain your reader’s trust in your subject matter expertise though – and one way not to go about it is by considering yourself a blogging guru! That attitude can be off-putting and is a sure fire way to lose readers.

2. Make Your Content Stand Out
How does your content compare to other blogs in your niche? Does it look and sound the same or does it really stand out? One reason for a failing blog is the non-uniqueness of content. If that’s the case with your blog, it’s time to take stock, and dig around for unique content options and presentations, such as infographics.

3. Don’t Write About Things You Don’t Know
Every topic you write should be well researched. Have your facts in hand before you put them on your blog, because every word reflects on your reputation. Your readers are not idiots – they can tell the difference between a well-researched article and a slapped-together-in-ten-minutes kind of post.

4. Streamline Your Posting Frequency
We’re not saying you must post something every day. All we’re saying is make sure you create a blog schedule let the reader know what to expect when and then stick to your schedule. Be consistent; don’t let the reader come to your blog and find that your post is not there as promised.

5. Infuse A Personal Tone Into Your Blog
Impersonal and even formal tone of voice can be off-putting. Blogs represent several things to a reader – it’s a place to find valuable information, to share, to find a community of like-minded people and to connect with the blogger. Help your readers connect to you by adding a personal tone to your blog.

6. Work On Your Motivation Levels
When you’re not motivated to blog, it shows in your writing, the depth of your research and your interaction with readers. Readers can sense that you’re not fully into it and will withdraw from your blog. Do whatever you can to remain motivated. Study other bloggers and even interview them to find out how they maintain motivation levels.

7. Build A Focus Around Your Blog
Where does your blog’s focus lie? What unique value do you provide to your readers? If you’re operating in a too-big niche, try to narrow down your focus to a single part of it and develop your blog’s focus. For example, if you’re writing about fashion, stick to writing about one or two aspects of fashion instead of the entire plethora.

8. Build An Active Community On Your Blog
Interact with your readers, ask for feedback, get their input and incorporate them into your posts. Make sure you encourage them to question you, comment on your blogs and also interact with each other. This is important, because an active community of readers helps to attract other readers and also give you much SEO mileage.

9. Care About SEO
SEO is important; don’t underestimate this aspect. Learn everything you can about organic SEO methods, keyword optimization, earning organic search engine traffic and so on. Implement as many SEO techniques as you can on your own, or hire a professional to do it for your blog.

10. Network, Network, Network
It’s not enough to get your blog up and running if you don’t network with other bloggers. Connect with other blogs, get to know the bloggers personally, join blogging forums, and write guest posts. Networking brings you many goodies– blog promotion, product sales, references and reviews from authority sites and much more.

11. Avoid Making Writing Mistakes
Bad writing could be one of the reasons why your blog is failing. Make sure your posts of great quality. If you upload posts without checking your writing, grammar, spelling and formatting, you’ll lose readers hand over fist. Stick to your topic without going off track. Copied content

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