QR Codes – Ways to Use Them for Your Business

Have you seen QR codes yet? These funny looking squares that often look like a blurred labyrinth can be helpful in many ways.

What’s a QR Code?

This code is like a barcode. It links people to a webpage of your choosing. You can use them for driving people to your website’s homepage or you can even direct them to specific landing pages that are designed for certain promotions. QR codes can hold a lot more info than a barcode!

People scan the code with their mobile phone and they are then directed to a web address from their mobile phone.

Where to use QR Codes:

QR codes can be put on an almost infinite number of things. They can be used on signs and banners. They can be put on billboards. They can be added to print ads, clothing, real estate signage, business cards, and so much more.

How do I get one?

You can generate a QR code for free at http://qrcode.kaywa.com/.  (The site accepts donations but donations are totally voluntary)

How to Read QR Codes

Many free smartphone apps exist that read these codes. A quick search on your app store will reveal plenty of options that you can download for free.

Examples of How Others are Using QR Codes

  • QR codes are added to billboards and hanging banners for people passing by.
  • QR codes are on shop windows, taking people to virtual coupons, store hours, and other info you want to share.
  • Real estate agents are using them on ‘for sale’ signs to direct people to online virtual tours, sales sheets, and more.
  • You can share access to special sections of a website that would not be visible to the public. An example might be that you share e-books or special reports with a QR code.
  • Use a QR code to get people to opt in to a marketing list or newsletter.
  • Add QR codes to your sales receipts to get people to opt into your mailing list to notify them of upcoming deals and sales.
  • Use these codes to direct people to driving directions, installation instructions, or to provide them with help and FAQs for a product.
  • Direct people to surveys.
  • Add it to your corporate promo gifts, such as drinking mugs, Post-Its, and so on.
  • Shops can add it to aisles to help people get information about products on display. You might link to a video demonstration, for example.
  • Link to product or service reviews so people interested in a product can scan and check out what others think of a product. This can be great in a retail environment where people want information for comparisons.
  • Airlines are using these on boarding passes.
  • The list goes on…

This is a free and creative tool that you can add to your arsenal of ways to inform, engage, and service your customers.

Sharon writes for Sherwood Signs, a great source for high quality and affordable banner and sign options and for your business. Sherwood can put your QR code on your banners and other signage, too!

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