Putting It All Together – Strategies for Link Building

Over the years, I’ve had to constantly adapt my practices of web building and design in order to stay on top of my search categories and to keep my websites pulling in traffic.  While a lot of the minute strategies of search engine optimisation have changed quite a bit, one of the major and most important aspects of building your website’s traffic and revenue is to ensure that you are always building links, also known as backlinks, to and from various websites.

Even with all other SEO-related features addressed in the structure and content of your website, the absence of established backlinks for your site will result in your website being mediocre at best, with little to no traffic in comparison to a properly calibrated website with extensive backlinks. The following pieces of advice are strategies I have used and will point you in the right direction on how to begin building your links up with other sites.

Press Releases

This is a very simple method that I use to get many backlinks for my site, which in turn drives traffic and increases my ranking.  There are several press release sites available across the Internet (PRWeb is the most well-known) that allow you to publish a press release on just about anything with no hassle or worries.

If I wanted to let the world know about my new product line for women with late-night cravings, all I have to do is write up a press release (don’t forget your SEO skills) and publish it to one of the many PR sites available.  Press release sites have high rankings among search engines and still help augment your page’s ranking while also providing high-level backlinks.

Article Submissions

Some people think that article submission is outdated, but I still use this method as a way to get backlinks from a variety of high-ranking article publication sites scattered around the web.  You will find the top five ranked article submission sites (Google’s Knol, eHow, Squidoo, HubPages, EzineArticles) to be the best for building authority links to your site and several links in various articles across these five sites will significantly augment the ranking of your pages and your site in general.

As always, make sure to properly optimize the article in question and don’t be afraid to combine elements of success (a backlink is great, but a backlink that links to a product for sale on your site is even better).

Avoid Spamming

Most of the sites above are “all-purpose” sites that I use on a continuous basis for link building and web traffic augmentation, which means that the type of content you are featuring is not compared by search engines to see whether or not it is relevant to a specific topic on that website.  Many bots and search engine algorithms now penalise people who spam on blogs and other sites that deal in topics other than what your site generally displays.  This is a simple, common sense way to avoid destroying all the hard work you are doing in other venues to increase your site’s visibility.  In summary: Don’t spam travel blogs about the new purses you have for sale on your website.

Link It All Together

Finally, I always make sure to take advantage of social networking services and other sites that allow me to promote my product, services or website in general. Twitter, Facebook, and a variety of other promotion platforms can be used and linked together to create your own “network” of promotion venues.  If somebody discovers any one of these pages, they should also be able to find your other venues (linked) from that particular page or group.

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