S - Z

Our final geek business person glossary installment, the letters S through Z.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of reviewing and optimizing  onsite factors (content, HTML tags, internal linking, URLs) and offsite factors (inbound link text and URLs, directory listings, local listings) in an effort to increase rankings within search engines. While the obvious first level goal of SEO is to increase rankings for targetted keywords, the ultimate goal is to increase revenues, whether that be from user action on the site or just increased page views in the case of advertising driven sites.


Social Bookmarking

Social focused websites that focus as much or more on sharing of web resource (links) than just social interaction.  While Facebook is a social network where links can be shared, it’s main focus has been social interaction. A site like Digg has a social interaction component, but it’s main driver has been the sharing of links to interesting web content.



Acronym standing for “work at home mom”.

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