Top 10 Online Payment Gateways for Ecommerce Websites for Your Company

You must first gather some answers before you can decide on the top ten online payment gateways available for your company. They are as follows:

Payment Gateways – Why Use Them?

The Internet offers a huge Ecommerce arena to businesses who wish to carry on their trade of products and services online. With the popularity and ease of using online services for trade, more and more businesses are flocking towards this direction. Today, businesses that are unable to process online payments are indeed missing on customers and profit both.

In addition, Ecommerce requires a very low overhead cost in contrast to maintaining and operating a storefront. Payment Gateways allow you to keep records of your services or merchandise online so that any form of payment including debit cards and credit cards are processed online without any hassle.

The reason why many businesses are reluctant to initiate their business in the online world is the chances of fraud that online businesses are relatively vulnerable to. However, the modern payment system and processing solutions offers various security measures to ensure 100% safety of both the consumer and the service provider. Such measures are effective in intercepting potential criminals and verifying credit cards before proceeding with a transaction.

Since we live in the age of instant data transmission, keeping online business as optional is not possible. It is very important to solidify your online business presence for higher business achievements and maximum profit.

There are leaders in this industry who can help you carry out all the important procedures necessary to take your business to its online status and accepting online payments within a few days. From customized stores to merchant accounts, there are many helping hands to get you through. One well known name in the US industry is the Flagship Merchant Services. Other than this, Intuit Merchant Services offer their online payment processing solutions that are ideal for traditional business model as well as for web models. In case, you are already online, then let the industry leader, help you implement the right gateway!

Get online, trade fast and receive fast payments with high quality, reliable and fast Internet.

Ideal Payment Gateways – Important Features

It is not necessary that all payment processing solutions will ideally suit your business type. Keeping Ecommerce in mind, you must consider some important features that will help you select the best online payment gateway for your company. The following are the top ten online payment gateways for ecommerce websites.

  1. Flagship Merchant Services
  2. Intuit Merchant Services
  3. Authorize.Net
  4. GoEmerchant
  5. CyberSource
  6. E-Commerce Exchange
  7. Chase Paymentech
  8. PayPal
  9. Merchant Plus
  10. Merchant One

This list is established on the basis of their comparisons and reviews keeping Ecommerce in mind. All these Payment Gateways are rich with the following features:

Gateway Features

Ideal gateway services will transmit and authorize credit card details reliably and in no time. Moreover, there are no hidden transaction fees or discount rates applied against you. Good scores are allotted to companies that allow merchants process Discover, MasterCard, Visa, debit cards and other payment types at fair rates.

The authorization and other processes should be conducted as background work while you are free from all the hassle. Reputable services smoothly integrate with banking procedures, security requirements and merchant accounts.

Site Integration and Ecommerce

Good services also tend to integrate with casual shopping cart software. You can even avail the opportunity of getting expert assistance of IT specialists and programmers to help you get started. You will also be able to access the effective payment procession solution that will help you quickly configure value-added services such as automated billing.

Account Features

Just like generating new leads, you may even need to keep tabs on transactions and customer information. A good software will ensure compatibility usage with tools such as QuickBooks and Excel. Since a merchant requires easy access to charge backs, deposits and transaction records, it is very important to find out if your merchant account service is addressing these needs.

If your online business still lacks a payment gateway, then you are still operating in the past. Consider all these important features and your specific business requirements to set up the best online payment gateway for your Ecommerce website.

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