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More glossary terms, this time starting with the letters K through R. Remeber, these terms are explained within the context of Internet marketing, specifically geek business people.


Local Search / Local SEO

The primary search engines have started to place a larger emphasis on returning local results where appropriate.  Meaning, if you are a Boston business, your SEO efforts should include a local component to help you rank higher for keywords that include the word Boston, or for keywords that the search engines can reasonable associate an implied local intent (someone located in Boston, searching for ‘dry cleaners’ for example.



Acronym standing for making money online.  Very popular acronym used by bloggers in that niche to identify their blog type.


QR Code

Type of barcode that is growing in popularity as smart phones running barcode scanner apps become widely used. QR codes are a 2D technology with pixel’s X and Y location both playing a role in determining the value of the code.  There are other 2D barcode formats that are gaining popularity as well, include Microsoft tags.



Return on investment



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