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If you currently have a web site with a lot of high quality traffic and are looking for new advertisers, your best option might be applying for Tribal Fusion, which is one of the Internet largest and most success cpm banner ad networks.

Tribal Fusion has a wide variety of banner sizes available, which will fit nicely in with almost all web content. To make the most out of your cpm banner advertising, be sure to place all banner ads above the fold. In addition to traditional banner advertising, Tribal Fusion also offers pop under advertising as an additional revenue source to their publishers.

Tribal Fusion sends out payments to their publishers on a Net 45 basis, with a minimum payment threshold of $50.

If you have high quality traffic and are looking to monetize your traffic for higher profits, you should apply to Tribal Fusion. It’s important to make sure that you have high quality traffic and clean content, as Tribal Fusion is very specific on who they allow into their network.

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