1UpAds is an advertising and traffic exchange network for web sites that are focused in online game. Gaming web sites are one of the most popular and free sources for traffic online, as they are mostly sharing traffic among other gaming sites, as their users are continually looking for new games to play.

As an advertisers, you can start creating ad campaigns to promote affiliate offers or gaming web sites of your own. The minimum depost for starting an ad campaign is only $10.

For publishers who have gaming web sites of their own, 1UpAds is a great way to increase traffic flowing through your site, while also being able to monetize your traffic for profit as well.

1UpAds is currently serving over 100,000 impressions daily, and more than 3 million impressions per month.

Whether you have a gaming web site of your own, or looking to create ad campaigns to target gamers all around the world, 1UpAds has an advertising solution for you.

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