They Joy Of Running My Own Business

The employee life

Through out my life most would say that I was employed at too many jobs. From the time of graduation of high school up to the age of thirty I probably held about twenty jobs! Twenty jobs in twelve years! Why? I didn’t know at the time. I would work a new job for a few months and boredom would strike and I just didn’t want to be there anymore. 

I finally figured out my passion

At the age of thirty I started my own online merchant business and was pleasantly surprised at how fast success came my way. I enjoyed being the buyer when I needed new merchandise to sell. I enjoyed being the researcher and finding out what sells well and what does not. I learned about high turnover product and products that would usually sit for a while before they were purchased. I became a photographer, writer, listing monitor, researcher, buyer, packer, printer, and accountant all at the same time. I know many would think that this could be a headache but I love it. I like the idea of being in control of everything that goes on with my business. I love being in charge of what to sell and for how much. Negotiating with wholesale suppliers to get the best possible prices is always fun too. As far as income goes, I love the idea that I can earn as much as I put in to the business.

Enjoying the pleasures that come with my passion

Besides enjoying my passion I also get to enjoy other things that my passion has made possible such as taking time off when ever I desire and being more flexible in spending more time with my wife and kids. To tell the truth here I must say that I do not feel like I even work. Why? Because my business is something that I love and enjoy doing. When I wake up in the morning I look forward to all of the orders that are going to come in that day. I enjoy corresponding with customers via telephone or email and love the daily challenges that I encounter. Everyone has different passions in life but I have learned that owning and running my own business brings me pure happiness in my life. My passion also makes dreaming possible for me. The pleasure of always having new dreams and ideas about what I can do to expand the business keeps my mind entertained and would not be possible with out this business.

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They Joy Of Running My Own Business They Joy Of Running My Own Business

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