Mobile Applications and Advertising Potential

The mobile application development industry is booming without a shadow of a doubt.  Take Instagram, for example.  The Android photo application not only grew its installation base to tens of millions of users, but also sold the company to Facebook for one billion dollars.  The massive success associated with Instagram is evidence that even mobile application development teams that end up with just a fraction of that money can make enough to turn a profit.  Let’s take a closer look at why a company like Facebook would be so interested in a mobile application like Instagram.

Developers build mobile applications with different advertising models in place.  Before the birth of more recent mobile application development technologies, companies would separate advertising efforts from the mobile application.  Today, developers have the convenience of getting brand messages and images across through the application itself.  This has proved to be among the most effective advertisement methods currently available.

This type of advertising satisfies the individual consumer base and thus proves successful in many cases.  The setup works particularly well with Instagram and other mobile applications that run their own self-contained social networks.  The trick is to work advertising and branding in with the overall user experience, eliminating the need to push any overt advertisements.  Using this model, advertising and branding simply flow with the rest of the service.  It is technologies like this that make the mobile market grow considerably each year.

Mobile platforms allow users to instantly share content across social networks.  This is one of the most powerful advantages that mobile application development services have over their desktop computing counterparts.  The best way for users to share content to their social networks is whichever way is fastest.  There are many opportunities for mobile application development services considering the move towards socially connected applications such as Instagram.  The mobile market will continue to grow as can your company by making effective use of its advertising potential.

Instead of adapting software to a mobile platform, many mobile application developers are looking instead to focus on mobile applications first and foremost.  Mobile apps serve as better marketing tools when built from the ground up to work on mobile platforms.  The mobile friendly user interface and features you acquire, including uploading and sharing, will greatly benefit your advertising efforts.

Mobile applications have come a long way over the years.  The more developers offering mobile application development services grasp exactly the type of advertising methods mesh with their applications, the mobile market will continue to flourish.

Akesh Gupta is President of Light Speed Solutions.  Light Speed Solutions is a custom software development company specializing in mobile application development services.

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