5 Steps to a Perfect Home Workspace

Making money is a viable option for many these days, and more and more people are turning towards working at home to either make an income or just make ends meet. Working at home requires a dedicated office space and, no matter where that space is located, organization is key. Follow these tips for creating a comfortable, organized workspace in your home and you’ll see your productivity soar!

Decide What You Need

Work at home jobs vary; you may be running your own business or spending 99 percent of your time writing online. What you will need to stock your office with, both in terms of accessories and supplies, will vary depending on the kind of work you’re doing. Sit down and think about what you need and create a list. It will be much easier to work in your space when you have it fully stocked with the items you’ll need.

Choose Your Space Wisely

Not everyone has an empty room to dedicate as their home office. If you do, fantastic! Claim the room as your new workspace. If you don’t, however, you can turn any corner in your home into an “office”. No matter where you set up your space, be sure that it’s in a spot where you’ll work best. For example: some people work best when surrounded by noise while others need to work in absolute silence. Choose your space strategically!

Buy Great Furniture

Whether you are using an entire room or a corner of the dining room, furnish your workspace with functional, comfortable pieces. At a minimum you will need a work surface, preferably a desk, a shelving unit for organization and a fabulous chair. Remember that you’re going to spend much of your time sitting down; if you’re going to splurge, do it on a great office chair.

Separate Yourself

Many people find they are more productive when they aren’t visually distracted. While you may work well with the television or radio on, being able to see it may hurt your productivity. Consider installing some type of curtain or buying a panel screen that you can use to divide your workspace from the rest of the room.

If you are using a separate room for your office, install a door that closes properly if the room doesn’t have one already. The thicker the door, the better it will block out noise. A door will also let you hang a sign, or other indicator, so your family will know when you shouldn’t be disturbed.

Personalize Your Space

Don’t make your space so sterile that you want to run screaming from the room as soon as you are done working. On the contrary, you don’t want to make it so personal that you’ll be easily thrown into daydreams. Find a happy medium and surround yourself with things you love. If you’re working in the corner of the family room, try to find a few artsy pieces for your desktop or buy a funky lamp; anything that will make the space a happy place.

Outfitting a home office, or workspace, can make or break your productivity. Find a space that you can work well in and stock it full of the things you need to do your job well. And, again: don’t skimp on the chair!

Tony Gomez is a career consultant and enjoys sharing new ways to make money from your home computer. Click here for lots of new ideas on how to make money online.

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