Amazon Kindle: The Most Popular E-Book Reader in the UK

With tons of features and an easy to use interface, Amazon Kindle has become a household name in the UK in no time. It has a built in keyboard, wider screen and Wi-Fi with which it allows the users to download their books, feeding the reading craze of people. Kindle understands the needs of users and offers very practical applications to meet the demands of modern men and women.

The device has entered in its fourth generation and continues to inspire users in the UK and around the globe. Kindle’s counterparts have been unable to develop the same sort of rapport with the local folks. Let’s have a look at some of the reason why Kindle is so popular in the UK.

  • Amazon’s e-book readers are light weight, smaller and thinner and hence easy to carry around, just like a small book. For many fans of other e-book readers, that may not be a point to notice but Kindle fans think otherwise.
  • The processing speed of Amazon tablets is faster than that of the other devices and this feature is enhanced in the newer models, making its demand consistent in the UK market.
  • The site loading speed on Kindle is impressive and it is the very first test which all users apply to make their decision. If the loading time of a site is a decisive factor for you to purchase a Kindle, then these Amazon e-book readers is a sure seller.
  • Most of the applications for Kindle are free. You can download and browse internet for free with free unlimited wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi or 3G. Kindle users enjoy the features of a smartphone in a smart tab in a way that they can use it anywhere, anytime they like.
  • Buying books from Amazon is a lot cheaper with Kindle. Just spend under £7 and you can have access to loads of books to download.
  • Amazon enjoys a solid online retailer’s reputation and people from all over the world trust their rates and services.
  • Amazon is the biggest source of books and houses millions of books. The hardcore book readers can be sure of having access to rare books and journals.
  • Amazon’s intentions to facilitate all kinds of buyers and wholesale suppliers are apparent from the rates of service it provides. Unlike Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy, Kindle is affordable and offers a range of e-book readers. The cheapest Kindle with touch is available for under £65.
  • The very use of e-ink screen may put many people off but Kindle users are aware of its advantages. With the look of a printed paper, reading books on Kindle is very easy on the eyes. The biggest advantage of Kindle’s e-ink is that you can read in sunlight. So with Kindle, you don’t have to feel confined to your house unlike other e-book readers.

The list of reasons why Kindle fans are increasing is long and it appears hard for the competitors to break its monopoly in the UK. The basic reason as to how Kindle does so good is simple i.e. it gives buyers a choice in terms of features and of course price.

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