The Top 10 Most Powerful Web Browsers

It seems everyone has their personal favorite. For me it’s Google Chrome, closely followed by Mozilla Firefox. There are those who are die hard Internet Explorer users, and as for the Mac enthusiasts they swear by Safari. So which one is best? Is there a ‘one size fits all’ option or does it simply come down to personal taste?

FireFox was one of the first free web browsers. It has gone from strength to strength over the years and has gained a reputation as a market leader. FireFox is one of the most powerful web browsers out there and offers a feature rich package that provides a fast and reliable service. FireFox is a high performance option for both casual web surfers and professional Internet users.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome is a relative newcomer to the market. However this is an impressive debut and Chrome has quickly overtaken many of the long-time market leaders. Google Chrome offers great features, free apps, excellent compatibility and speedy responses.

Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer has been around for a while now and can offer a number of useful features. The speed is good but some issues with compatibility have let it fall behind some of the top competitors. Internet Explorer 9 is still a very practical option though and offers a fast, robust tool for web browsing.

Opera 9.6
Opera is a little bit different from the other market leaders. This is to its benefit though as this web browser can offer some impressive features including interactive voice, thumbnail previews and customizable themes. However this does lack the universal compatibility of the big top three.

Safari was exclusive to Apple users but is now available for all….hurrah! This high performance web browser can offer both speed and reliability. The non-invasive interface is great for those that like to keep things sophisticated and streamlined. There are some good features and once Safari has been upgraded with some additional security options it could easily compete with the top market leaders.

Maxthon 2.5
This is a versatile web browser that can offer some good customizable features. The interface is user-friendly, speed and compatibility are competitive and there are some strong security features. However the Maxthon does lack some of the useful features of its competitors such as smart toolbars and parental controls.

Avant Browser
This Internet Explorer based web browser offers straightforward features. Although it does not have the full feature set of other browsers is does provide all the basics and has a professional feel. Speed and compatibility are average but Avant will have to do more to compete at the top of the market.

This is a solid browser that can offer some strong basic features. DeepNet is tailored towards P2P networking and offers average speed and compatibility. It does not stand out amongst the competition.

This is another Internet Explorer based browser that offers some impressive graphics and customizable themes. However the looks do not compensate for the fact that speed and features are lacking. Ideal if you love all things futuristic and flashy, not so good if you demand high performance.

This web browser clearly aims to take tabbed browsing to the next level. There is a nice attempt to combine aesthetics with functionality. Unfortunately though the impressive 3D browsing is at the sacrifice of speed and features. This browser is good fun but not powerful enough to impress all-round.

Ben runs a web development and SEO agency in London, so is frequently testing on all of the above browsers.  His clients include operators of airport lounges, biotech companies and events, amongst others.

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