Get That Million Dollars of Sales Through Your Squeeze Page

Everybody knows that email marketing still works like magic. It may be an old trick but successful businessmen can tell you that this type of marketing still works like it did years ago. For those people who have been in the online business for decades they already know that the secret to a flourishing business is effective marketing. Even if you have a good product but your marketing strategy is poor the result would be low ROI. One of the tested marketing strategies that has a higher success rate is called the email opt-in page, this is email marketing that can help businesses win prospect clients to loyal customers but it is not that easy. The process of making email marketing work is very crucial. You have to know who to send the emails. This will involve extensive research and can be time consuming. Here are 7 important tips you should keep in mind to create an opt-in page:

1. The landing page is where the magic happens. You have to make sure that your landing page is enticing enough to grab your readers’ attention. One secret to keeping your readers interested is to offer discounts, free products and services.

2. Generate an interest through your heading. Your headline provides the key in whether or not the customer decides to sign up for the email list in your site. Your head line needs to keep the visitor read through all of your web page.

The particular headline should speak straight to what your clients need and also help them see what you are offering.

3. Create winning bullet points. As opposed to a lengthy form sales page, your squeeze page may simply have few words but catchy headline and some key points that will motivate the client to decide to sign up for the email list and to make him stay longer in your site.

Make sure that the people reading the page will focus on the benefits of what your company has to offer i.e. what they can get from your company.

4. Craft the hard-hitting proactive approach. Getting their attention through a catchy headline and detailing what you have to offer using the bullet points, you should utilize a tough hitting proactive approach that will motivate the visitor to subscribe to your email list as well as come back to your website.

5. Make use of an auto-responder. Auto-responders are a great way of connecting with your clients and letting them know that you are ready to assist you anytime of the day. Just be sure to get in contact with them as soon as you can. The top two auto-responders are Aweber and Getresponse. You probably would not go wrong simply by choosing either one of those on your autoresponder requirements. Both have their pros and cons. Getresponse and Aweber are fairly less expensive as compared to many of the others. Most of the autoresponder providers will assist you to start out using a free model (with a limited amount of functions), and switch over to their compensated service in case you opt to use their service.

6. Keep your page attractive and clutter-free. There should never be any irrelevant text on your squeeze page. Do not place any ads or links in it. Keep it simple and free from distracting texts.

7. Provide a privacy statement. We all know that people are worried about their privacy. This is why it is important that you provide a privacy statement proclaiming that you won’t rent, share, or even sell their personal information and place it right where they can see it clearly.

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  1. Bill says:

    I’m not a big fan of squeeze pages, nor overt email marketing. I believe that both can be effective, they are just not in my comfort zone. Maybe I should change.

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