Stop Squinting! Top 3 Office Gadgets to Help You See Better

In today’s world, the job of a geek is spent gazing at a variety of screens. From computer screens and tablets to televisions and smartphones, the equipment you use on a regular basis is screen dominant.

Staring at any screen for an extended period of time can cause eye strain. Eye strain is no joke and as a geek in business, you have likely felt the impact of this common office symptom one too many times. The pounding headaches and blurry vision is enough to throw any professional off their game.

To help, ergo friendly geniuses created some office gadgets that will transform the way you work and help you see better while geeking out. Here are three of the top 3 gadgets to consider in your office.

  1. An Old-Fashioned Timer – One of the most important things you can do to prevent eye strain is to look away every now and again. Experts say that a person should look away from their screen at least every twenty minutes. When you do, blink your eyes about 10 times and you will be ready to work again. Set a timer to remind yourself to look away so that too much time does not pass without you giving your eyes a much needed break. You can download a timer on your computer, set it up on your smartphone or simply go grab your kitchen timer. No matter what you use, a timer is an essential office gadget to keeping your eyes healthy.
  2. A Monitor Arm – Are you squinting to see the text on this page right now? Maybe the next page you switch to will have much smaller text that will require you to lean forward to see or squint so that you can read what’s on the screen. With a monitor arm, you can bring your monitor toward you or push it a safe seeing distance away. This way, your give your eyes a break from having to adjust various sized fonts and images and instead the monitor can do the changing for you.
  3. A Task Light – Work is best done in a setting with proper lighting. If it’s too dark, your eyes become strained from the contrast between the bright screen and the dark room. If it is too bright, your eyes are overwhelmed with the impact of light. A task light on your desk can help. With a task light, you can illuminate your workspace in a way that will be easier on your eyes and more conducive to productivity. As an added bonus, these lights typically use LED bulbs and can even save you some cash on electricity.

When you are at work, the last thing you want distracting you is a headache from straining your eyes to see the task at hand. With these three office gadgets, you can create an office environment that allows you to stay productive and feel better behind the many screens you use each day.

Author Bio: Kimberly Crossland is a freelance writer who is passionate about business and health. To stay healthy at work, she has set up her home office with a treadmill desk and other ergo friendly gadgets. To find ergonomic equipment for your office, visit

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