Benefits of Using Employee Monitoring Software

Increasingly employers are looking for a way to help keep tabs on what is taking place on their computers. And for good reason! There are many issues to consider when it comes to employees using their computers. But there are a lot of businesses that are also taking matters into their own hands and turning to employee monitoring software in an effort to gain more control over what is going on during work hours.

The Benefits
Employee monitoring software is simple to use and effective. The two of these factors combined make it an ideal choice for those companies looking to not only see what’s going on, but to also clean house and make improvements. The software is simply downloaded onto any employer-issued computer, laptop, or smartphone. It then runs quietly in the background, without the user knowing it, recording everything they do with it.

Everything the employee does on the computer is logged, so that the employer can monitor what they are doing. The employer can at any time log into their online account and access all of the information that has been collected. Employers can see what their employees have been up to on the computer or smartphone. In addition to getting logs that compile the information, the employer can log in and see the employee’s computer or phone screen in real time, so they can monitor what they are doing at any given moment.

Here are some of the benefits of using employee monitoring software:

Securing assets. Many companies have information that they would not want taken outside of their business. From sensitive customer information to patented company information, security is an issue. Using an employee monitoring software helps ensure that the sensitive information in company computers is protected more.
Improving productivity. What many employers find out when they start using employee monitoring software is that they have some people who are productive and some that are not so productive. Using the software allows those in management to see first hand who is productive and doing the work and who is making themselves look busy while they are really sending personal emails. Identifying and weeding out those who are not being productive will improve overall workplace productivity.
Improving attendance. Businesses that allow employees to work from home from company issued computers or smartphones will be able to confirm that the person actually did log in and do some work. Keeping tabs on the attendance will help companies find out who is not doing their work outside of the office, which can be addressed to improve attendance.

Monitoring usage. There are many employees that spend time during their work day doing things on the computer for personal reasons. Some may be sending personal emails, others are on Facebook, and still others may be accessing pornography sites. Using employee monitoring software allows companies to see what non-business related things are being done on their computers, and on their time.

Trying it Out
Even for those companies that don’t keep employee monitoring software year-round, they may want to consider trying it out for a trial period. It will provide a good, and helpful, look at what employees are doing that you simply can’t get elsewhere. The information gathered can be instrumental in helping to make improvements, and improve the company’s bottom line.

Kelly Austin works with a team at SniperSpy promoting healthy business practices. Employee computer monitoring has helped countless businesses become more productive and helped root out those who would wish to do harm. Follow Kelly on Twitter @KellyAustin86

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One Response to "Benefits of Using Employee Monitoring Software"

  1. Issa says:

    I totally agree with the idea of employee monitoring except for the fact that user HAS to know that it has been implemented.

    What we’ve done was to implement Time Doctor (, a time tracking software that monitors what they do in the computer while allowing them to freely use the computer for work.

    This even extends out to using social media sites for a few minutes. But, the most important thing is that we get to evaluate how they are using the computers and adjust from there. This allowed us to significantly increase the productivity in our workplace.

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