Difference Between Waterfox and Firefox

All those who have used Firefox web browser would have heard about Waterfox, a 64-bit browser that comes from Mozilla Firefox. The 64-bit processors are becoming immensely popular when compared to the 32-bit version. Waterfox was developed primarily for 64-bit processors but the basic source code on which it is built is from Firefox. So let us take a look at the basic differences between Waterfox and Firefox browsers.

  • One of the most lovable features of Firefox is that it is open source and completely free. Waterfox is an upgraded browser that works on Firefox source code. It is designed for 64-bit systems that require high speeds.
  • Firefox enables tabbed browsing. You can open several tabs in a single window. In the new version of Firefox, you will be able to view the most visited pages in the form of tiles. You can click on a tile to be redirected to that particular page. In Waterfox, you will see a new navigation bar that has a forward button. Navigation is made much easier as the intuitive forward button displays automatically when it might be required.
  • There are various plug-ins and extensions in Firefox which will work on any platform. But in Waterfox, only the 64-bit version of plug-ins like Adobe Flash, Java and Silverlight will work with it. The other versions of plug-ins are not compatible with Waterfox browser. You can access the 64-bit version of these plug-ins on Waterfox download page. If you have already installed the Firefox browser in your system, then Waterfox will use the same user profile. You can uninstall any one browser without removing your personal data and altering your settings.
  • If you come across bugs while working on Waterfox, you can report it in the Help section. If the problem is with Firefox, then you have to send a report about the bug to Mozilla.
  • Firefox will run various web standards like HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM etc. It works on windows XP (SP2/SP3), Vista & Server 2003. The Waterfox extends support for the 64-bit updated Windows XP version.

Some of the new features that you get to enjoy in Waterfox are:

  1. You get automatic updates and a message will be displayed every time a new update is available. If you want to turn off the automatic updates, then you have to go to Windows Task Scheduler and change the settings.
  2. The run time performance is enhanced in Waterfox as it uses profile-guided optimization technique. Profile-guided optimization is a compiler optimization process where the results of sample runs of a program are used to generate the final code for that program. It represents the typical usage by showing the places where the program got executed more often and where it did not execute frequently.
  3. It has an advanced installer and allows you to digitally sign executables. The process of digitally signing executables is called code signing which is done to ensure security and check identity of the developer. It consists of a digital signing mechanism which ensures that the codes have not been changed.

If you are using a 64-bit processor, the Waterfox operating system is worth giving a try. You will certainly appreciate the stability, high performance and enhanced security it provides. Surfing the web using Waterfox brings double joy as it has all the inbuilt capabilities of your Firefox web browser and brings along some desirable enhancements.

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