5 Corporate Video Tips – Your Business Could Be the Next YouTube Sensation

Adding your own corporate video to the sea of viral wannabes requires a certain amount of strategic planning if you want to achieve any level of Internet fame. While your company may not emulate YouTube sensations like Justin Bieber and that sneezing baby panda, creating a promotional clip for your business might prove very useful.

A tool for increasing your online presence, as well as an opportunity to converse with potential customers and see some ROI (return on investment), creating an engaging corporate video presentation  is a guaranteed way to get noticed, ignite conversation, and see some consumer action.

5 Essential Corporate Video Production Tips

  1. Tell a Story: Take your viewers on a journey. Falling into the abyss of boring corporate videos is the fine line between good and bad storytelling. If the customer doesn’t have an inkling of what you’re trying to say, you’ve failed – dismally. Company statistics are for excel so make sure your script has a beginning, a middle and an end.
  2. 15 Second Rule: In video-land, the rule is that you change the pace, the content rotation, or the rhythm every 15 seconds. Think of it in terms of chapters. An array of film techniques, including animation and stop-motion, exists to help you entertain your audience.
  3. Think Production Value: You don’t need a Hollywood director or even an experienced film crew. Invest in a few basic tools, including a corporate video camera and audio equipment. Using a simple white backdrop as your set, or even a public area, the only thing to really keep in mind is the audio quality of your marketing clip – if you audience can’t hear the dialogue they aren’t likely to watch the full clip.
  4. Address Your Customer: Incorporating a call-to-action is essential to addressing your customer. A lot of marketing companies use their customers to deliver this message on their behalf – telling their own personal experiences of good purchases and service.
  5. Title Optimization: Once production is behind you, uploading your corporate video to a content sharing site is the next step. Make sure to optimise the titles and tags of your clip, using relevant target keyphrases.  Remember to maintain the delicate balance between trying to gain the attention of the potential viewer and speaking to search engines.

Examples of amazing marketing tools that have gone viral include SmartWater’s collaboration with Jennifer Aniston (can someone say expensive) and the T-Mobile flashmob re-enactment of Kate and William’s royal wedding (cheaper but brilliant). Use the guidelines above to create your very own unique corporate video – with a bit of creative licence and some funds, your brand could potentially make a blip on the web’s social radar.

Bella Gray is a tech blogger from who has a penchant for the latest gadgets and online news. A wealth of corporate video solutions, Gray is the perfect go-to-gal for all your Intenet queries and solutions.

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