Am I Cut Out to Set Up My Own Business?

We have all been there on a dreaded Monday morning, cursing that fact that you have to get up and go to work doing the job you don’t like, for the boss you don’t see eye to eye with. Many of us have thought to start our own business. Those of us who have said that for the past five years and haven’t come up with an idea, then I will answer that question now. You are not the right person to set up your own business.

It takes incredible hard work, motivation, and self belief when you are being knocked down and rejected from all angles. The key characteristic to being self employed or running your own business is passion from something. When you have passion for what you do, you will put in all the hours needed to watch your idea, or product be successful.

What Is Required to Run a New Business?

Running your own business can be rewarding, motivating, and hard work. You need to be motivated and a self starter. Starting up your own business requires the will to get out there, search for new opportunities, network, research the market, research competitors, research companies and current friends that can help you start out, and all of this can take a lot of time. It is likely you will be starting up your business when working full or part time, so you will need to be dedicated to your new venture in order for it to achieve.

If you really want to succeed, you have to put into motion your plans. Instead of watching the latest episode of your favourite soap of an evening, what can you do that can get your business that bit further? While it is not suggested you work yourself into the ground and never allow for time off, it will absorb a large amount of your free time, and will take a lot of will power to give up weekends and evenings to get things to take off. It is a slow process to begin with and there will be many knock backs. You need to take what advice you can from these knock backs, but not allow them to lose focus of your goal. Therefore you need drive and self belief in your business and product,

Do I need Large Amounts of Money?

Money of course helps with everything. It can buy the best web developers, graphic designers, and business advisors, but the chances are you have little or none to begin with. Make a list of people you know who can help, you will be surprised who you know. Also let people know you need for example a photographer. They might just know someone perfect for the job and affordable. Use the resources around you. Perhaps you can trade some of you products or services in return for a service you require. Email people, gather quotes, and compare. As they say, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. It might just be that someone will be willing to help, and might give you a good deal if you explain you are a new business, just ask!

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